Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Defeat the Progressive Mindset

Seeing a major American city be allowed to be torn apart makes me realize that people on the right side of politics have lost their will to call the left out for what they are. The political left doesn't love our country. The days of the John F. Kennedy Democrat are over. The leftist progressives have taken over and are following a Saul Alinsky likeRules for Radicals inspired blueprint. This has been written and discussed before. It needs to be exposed at every turn.

Two Columbia sociology professors, Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, in 1966 came up with a way to help hasten the collapse of the capitalist/market driven system and institute a collectivist system they saw as more fair. Cloward and Piven thought that causing crisis would make the poor rise up in unrest and violence. Through this violence, like we are seeing in Baltimore right now, it would make a heavy handed, state run system more palatable to the rest of society in effort to bring back order. The ground work for this has been laid out with a giant and unsustainable social welfare system. When the people that are dependents of the state find out that the welfare system is unsustainable, they will, in theory, rise up. At its roots, the Cloward and Piven strategy is just a way of pulling the wool over the eyes of the ill-educated masses and instituting a communist society.

Anybody with a scintilla of knowledge of world politics and government should know that full on socialism and its end goal of communism always fails. Those on the left will always say that it has been instituted poorly but no matter where and when it is tried, it eventually collapses. I'm afraid our current federal government's unfunded mandate is going to lead to this Cloward and Piven strategy becoming more and more true every day because too many people are unwilling to part with their "bennies".

The people on the right, conservative libertarians and conservatives, need to stop being afraid of being called every name in the book by the leftist media when they speak out. I don't care what I'm thought of by someone who dislikes me. Being called a racist, bigot, sexist or homophobe by people that are out to destroy the country should not matter. Wear their insults as a badge of honor. We need to push back against the Alinsky radicals. Alinsky thought that marginalizing the opposition would hasten their defeat. If we don't care what the left says, then and only then will we be able to effectively fight back. There is no room for compromise with this crop of progressive leftists. The only thing to do is defeat them.

In order to do defeat this progressive scourge in our country, we can use some of their organizing tactics against them. Show them, through other media channels, for what they are. They hate our country as it was founded. I'm not excusing America's foibles, but we have seen where we've went wrong and fixed it. Half of all this nation's war dead, 620,000, died to help end slavery and keep the Union together. If that isn't commitment to change for the better, I don't know what is.

I, for one, am done trying to convert the leftists in the country to the right way of thinking. Time is nigh for them to be defeated like the enemies they are. That's right...enemies. The left wants to remake our great, but faltering country into something that they see as fair but in reality would only benefit a small select group that would seek to remain in power. Some of the Republican establishment could be including in this group as well.

The principles are simple. Notice I said principles, not just ideas or bullet points. Our rights do not come from government because government is of man. Our rights come from our creator and cannot be infringed upon. Free markets work when given the chance. Spending cuts(not cuts to the rate of increase, you baseliners out there) work to free up resources for the private sector. The only federal department that needs shoring up is the Department of Defense. The rest of them need a severe haircut. The government needs to protect life and make sure that the individual is held above all others. What the feds don't need to be involved in needs to be left to the states as the laboratories of democracy and governmental ideas they are or could be. There is no room in the federal government for people that believe in control of the individual. If a state wants to allow something and another doesn't, fine. The feds need to stay in DC and keep their noses out of states' business. Federalism works when allowed. Finally, if a candidate for office isn't principled, do not vote for that candidate. If they fall away from their principles once elected, send them home.

I don't have all the answers needed to defeat the progressive left in this country but I also don't believe in sitting on the sidelines either. People that love this land should and need to be involved. Make sure Republicans' feet are held to the fire. Defeat Democrat politicians where ever and when ever they run. It needs to start now or we will see many more cities like Baltimore fall into chaos only to be folded into a more statist society. Lastly, a bit of prayer might not hurt either.

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