Thursday, April 23, 2015

Who Gets Rich From Charity? Bubba and Hillary, That's Who.

I wrote earlier on the Clinton Foundation without knowing how deep the scandalous ways of William Jefferson and Hillary Rodham Clinton's organization went. I thought that they were just a slimy group run by the same guy who sullied the Oval Office and had a knack for sliding his way out of political sticky places. How I underestimated the level of corruption going on in this supposed charitable foundation.

Today, news came out regarding a deal where Bill(now known as Bubba, for the sake of saving time) helped set up a quid pro quo with Russia to help them take controlling interest in a company that is responsible for a great deal of the world's uranium mining. He knew he had inside help with his wife, one Hillary Rodham Rodham...I mean Clinton, ensconced as Secretary of State. In an article published in the Washington Free Beacon that previews a Fox News story about Peter Schweizer's new book, Clinton Cash, it is posited that Bubba arranged for Hillary to help grease the skids of the powers that be to allow a company from Russia, called Uranium One, to gain control of many U.S. mining operations. This deal needed the approval from higher ups in the U.S. government and through highly paid speeches and large donations to the Clinton Foundation, the deal went through. Worst of all, Uranium One is partially owned by the Russian government. There is much more to come out about the Clinton Foundation and I venture a guess that most will not be of the complimentary variety.

Another thing that chaps my hide is the amount of charitable pass through, the money actually used to do good by a non-profit, that the Clinton Foundation sees fit to release. After hearing Rush Limbaugh talking about this today, I thought I would check it out. This might be even worse than all the quid pro quo stuff. The Clinton Foundation, according to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by Judicial Watch four years ago and resulting in these documents being released today, has a pass through of only 15%. That means that of all the millions and millions, scratch that, billions of dollars the foundation receives, only 15 cents on the dollar is used for anything that might be classified as charitable. The rest goes to travel, staff salaries, pay to the Clintons(including Chelsea) and a giant 50% going to "Other". Bubba and Hillary now have an estimated net worth of between $150 million and $300 million, all from speeches and a "charitable" foundation. This is despicable. The Clinton Foundation needs to lose their tax exempt status, but with the current state of the IRS, I won't hold my breath.

To add to the strange times, regularly reliable and complementary Clinton press outlets like the New York Times have taken to this story like a hungry dog to a piece of cheap steak. One of two things is happening, in my opinion. The leftist press recognizes this as the straw that broke the Clinton campaign's back or they are trying to get all the scandalous stuff about the Clinton machine out in the open now. If the former is true, they are looking to jettison Mrs. Clinton so that the press can start pumping for someone to challenge her. If the latter is true, the leftist press is trying to take the October surprise stuff and let it air out so as not to be a stinking mess by the time the primaries and conventions roll around.

This story, along with the myriad other scandals she's been involved with, should disqualify Mrs. Clinton from ever being elected to our highest office. Anyone that still would consider voting for her is either ignorant or complicit in electing a criminal to the White House. Possibly both.

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