Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Who Has Earned My Support For President in 2016?

I know it is rather early in the nominating process. Heck, the election isn't until November of 2016, nineteen months from know. The first caucus won't happen until January of 2016. Much can happen between now and then. With all that said, I have settled on a candidate to support in the primary process. I hope that same candidate can earn his respective party's nomination and I will do everything I can to make sure he does become the nominee and after that the winner of the 2016 Presidential election. I've included video evidence to support my claims.

I urge all of you to do your own research and support the candidate in the primary that reflects your core values. Once the primary season is over, I will support my party's nominee, with a few exceptions. I would have to think long and hard before voting for several establishment choices. I will not, in any way, support a Jeb Bush candidacy. The same can be said for Chris Christie. I will not let the leftist narrative reading press pick my candidate and you shouldn't either.

My research and my convictions have led me to support Texas Senator Ted Cruz in his run for the presidency in 2016. He has the most consistent views and is also the most well equipped to handle himself in the arena of ideas. He is never flustered by stupid media types that try to lead him away from his positions. He always answers with grace and in a way to express how stupid the question was without actually saying how stupid the questions was. He is a natural orator. I have watched most of his early stump speeches and the thing that always impresses me is he never uses a TelePrompTer or even note cards, yet he stays on message. Experience tells me that he believes what he speaks about. Let our current regime's leader off the TelePrompTer leash and you will have a verbal wreck on your hands. If you want to see the real Barry Obama off the prepared prompter leash, watch this:

Senator Cruz has also shown that he understands how Congress is supposed to work, not how those in Washington want it to work. He was blamed for shutting down the government in early 2014. In reality, that blame lays squarely at the feet of Nevada Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader at the time, and one Barack Obama. Frankly, we could do well to shut the government down a bit more. The fact that only seventeen percent of the government actually stopped during the "shut down" is lost on most people.

Senator Cruz is the first truly conservative candidate that I have had a chance to vote for in my life time. I was too young to ever vote for President Reagan and since then, the only Republican Presidents have had the sir name of Bush. Other than the Bushes, we've had a chance to vote for Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Decent men, for the most part(I'll reserve judgement on Senator McCain) but to a one, they were not conservatives. They were more in line with the Rockefeller wing of the Republican party and really were not about reversing the growth of government and its lust for power and intrusion into our lives. Would Mitt Romney have been a better president that our current excuse for a leader? Yes. Would Mitt Romney work to reverse the actual growth of government, no. He may have slowed it down and made the leviathan work a bit better but we need more drastic measures to fix what is wrong in our government.

Senator Cruz is a Christian in words and deeds. He doesn't back away from his beliefs either. I find that refreshing and frankly, I find a need to return to our founders beliefs. I especially lean toward the ideas of our second president, John Adams. He said, "Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." I take that to mean that he understood that a moral and religious people would not stray from the rights protected and freedoms codified in our founding documents. One doesn't have to wonder why the left in our country has sought to pull us away from those principles. With out that compass provided by faith and a general sense of doing what is right, we are most easily led toward socialism and statism. That can no longer be allowed to happen. Senator Cruz recognizes this. I admire his steadfastness in regards to these issues of faith and moral uprightness.

Senator Cruz hasn't changed his positions to fit the people he is speaking to. All of our other candidates have, when pressed in one way or another, changed their minds in politically expedient fashions. Whether it be on the issue of immigration, taxes, federal mandates for ethanol, education, gun rights, or out of control social welfare programs, all of the other candidates, declared or otherwise, have molded their opinions to meet the audience they are speaking to. Senator Cruz has not. He defends his positions with courage and zeal. He rubs leftist pundits and politicos raw with his self assured demeanor. He believes in truth and facts. The narrative reading press can not stand a political figure that knows what he believes and won't be swayed.

For these and many other intangible reasons, I support Senator Ted Cruz for President of these United States.

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