Thursday, April 9, 2015

Time To Stop Playing Nice With Leftist Media

The leftist news media, for the past few days and even going back to late March when Texas Senator Ted Cruz launched his campaign, have been hot to trot about the two declared presidential candidates and their push back against their normal job of demonizing conservative politicians. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul's verbal dust up with Savannah Guthrie, of NBC News' Today Show, has them worried. Both Sen. Paul and Sen. Cruz will not hesitate to defend themselves when media hacks use predictable lines of questioning that amount to asking conservative candidates "So...when did you stop beating your wife?". Not allowing this to go on while still engaging with the American voter will do wonders for Republican base voters and those not in the "low information voter" class, to steal a phrase from Rush Limbaugh. They want to see candidates who stand up for what they believe and aren't afraid of bloodying the noses of their opponents, both in the media and the Democrat party as a whole.

Media types like George Stephanopoulos, of ABC, are nothing more than Democrat party operatives masquerading as straight news people. Currently, there is a revolving door between the leftist consultant class, the government bureaucracy, and left wing mass media. Frankly, it has become a rather nepotistic world that runs up and down the I 95 corridor. Here's a common scenario: an MSNBC/CNN/ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS employee is fired or quits and the next day that person has a job in one of the cabinet departments leaking info to other people that call themselves journalists or vice versa. The time to play nice with these folks is over.

Once more conservatives, candidates or not, realize that people in the leftist media are to be defeated rather than appeased, our national discourse will be much healthier. Our republican form of government needs a free and open press so that people, especially in the collective "flyover country", can be kept abreast of the doings and misdoings of their elected officials and bureaucrats. I think that is where we, the people, come in. We need to hold these people in the media accountable through engaging with their advertisers and, especially, the companies that carry their programming and letting them know of our displeasure. The left has been doing this for years. All you have to do is look at the #StopRush campaign, which was astroturf from the get go, to understand their tactics. It was orchestrated by a group of ten progressive activists that can't stand to have their warped point of view challenged in such a successful manner. There was and is nothing grassroots about most progressive media campaigns. The establishment media needs to be made to take their own medicine. Use the market against them.

We can also continue to use Twitter, Facebook and other platforms like this one here to combat the leftist media spin machine. One other great resource that I have found invaluable is the Media Research Center, run by Brent Bozell. They do a masterful job of identifying leftist media bias and calling it out. The MRC and other organizations like it deserve our support.

I, for one, am glad that we have a few candidates that are not afraid to paint with bold colors. Here's to encouraging more like them to also step forward.

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