Saturday, April 18, 2015

From Lenin to Einhorn. From Red to Green.

Earth Day is April 22nd. Have you ever wondered why that specific date was chosen? Who really founded Earth Day? Who takes credit for founding Earth Day? Why set aside a day to worship the earth? What important world figure was born on April 22nd? Let's explore, shall we.

April 22nd. Many people were born on this date. Many have died on this date. Perhaps the most influential and most infamous person to have been born on April 22nd would be one Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, known to most of us as Vladimir Lenin. He is the father of Soviet Communism. His thought that the state could own everything, thereby ensuring the equal outcome of all the proletariat, has been shown to have failed miserably. He enabled people like Joseph Stalin to take power and create a reign of terror that even Nazi Germany could not accomplish. Many think that the Holocaust was the worst mass murder by a government in history. While the Holocaust may have been the single worst episode in human history, the terror caused by communist regimes over the long haul is nothing short of disgusting. While the Nazi ethnic cleansing of Jews and non-Aryans was barbaric and deplorable, the Soviet regime killed many, many more. Including the Marxist-Leninist revolution and civil war, Soviet communism was responsible for 31.5 million deaths. Mao's revolution in China, based on the Soviet model, was even worse. The Chinese communists were, and still are, responsible for 65 million deaths. Add in North Korea and you have a total of 94 million people that have been killed in the name of Soviet style communism. 16 million were killed during the Holocaust. In total, unnatural deaths in the name of one statist regime or another made up almost 15% of all human caused deaths in the 20th century. If you add in those killed on both sides in WW1 and WW2, you get a total of about 25% of all deaths caused by humans in the 20th century fighting for and against radical authoritarian governments. Why are these stats not taught in our schools today?

What do all those stats I sited above have to do with Earth Day? Earth Day was founded by an American Marxist revolutionary named Ira Einhorn in 1970. He railed against the free market, or as Marx called it, capitalism. He didn't bathe, he grew his hair out and he became a dirty foot hippie's hippie. Some on the American left still revere the guy to this day. Does the fact that Lenin was born on April 22nd and Earth Day was first celebrated 100 years after his birth seem so coincidental now? The guy the earth worshippers now credit with founding Earth Day was a leftist Senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson. He was given this title to obfuscate the dealings of Ira Einhorn. Einhorn, who actually killed his estranged girlfriend and left her in steamer trunk, needed to be washed away from the day in order to keep it "clean". He was a fugitive from justice for more than 20 years before he was convicted of her murder. Some lefties said that Einhorn just wasn't capable of doing such a deed because he was such a nice guy, yet the evidence against him was enough to convict him beyond a reasonable doubt. Isn't it funny that those who espouse peace and love as the means of controlling people are usually the ones that lack both of those traits.

The reason that leftists encourage people to worship the earth is the same reason why communists wanted the state to own everything. Control. If the populace can be encouraged to worship the earth, anything that is done that is seen a slight to "Mother Earth" can be seen as something to be regulated. Contrary to popular belief, President Richard Nixon's worst moment wasn't Watergate, it was the creation of one of the most draconian federal agency known to man, the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA has become the greatest threat to individual freedom and property rights in our country. Much like the IRS, they have the power to levy fines and penalties without due process. You must prove yourself innocent rather than the EPA prove you guilty. They have stripped most private property rights from Americans in the name of protecting the planet from those that might do it "harm". God forbid a person might actually improve the land that he owns. Sensible people can agree that the unnecessary polluting of water and air is bad. Squashing people's freedom in the name of protecting an acre of swampy ground is not what the feds should be involved in.

With the downfall of the Soviet Union 24 years ago, American leftists ratcheted up their enviro-statist rhetoric. Up until the fall of the USSR, the green nuts were a small group that worshiped the earth and smoked a lot of weed. With out the Great Red foil to what the left sees as evil American capitalism, they took it upon themselves to do what ever was needed reign in what they saw as the greatest threat to the proletariat and in turn, their ability to control those they see as bourgeois capitalists. In the statist's mind, the collective is much more important than the individual. Our freedom was not conducive to equal outcomes and that couldn't be allowed to continue. To a great extent, the Soviet sympathizing Reds have become the new environmentalist wacko Greens. Look no further than our current president and his anti-colonial, anti-free market rantings in his two books. There is no consensus in science. Science is always learning and when they settle on a theory, they quite being scientists and become tools of leftist regimes world wide that seek to limit freedom. They are also rooted in the equal outcome philosophy of Marx. Remember the Marxist edict; from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. The Marxist-Leninist system of government control has never worked and never will, no matter who tries.

The real lesson to be taken away from this is the fact that the American free market system has been responsible for lifting more people out of poverty than any other system of governance ever devised. Notice that the world had stayed fairly static until our nation was founded. The last 235 years have seen more advancement than all of human history before it. The difference, in my view, is the unleashing of the individual by our founders. Never before had a country been founded that recognized the individual as the supreme entity of the land. We should look to that philosophy to fix what is wrong in the world today. Respect people as the individuals they are and once that responsibility is given to the individual, the engine of this great country and in turn, the whole world, will stop sputtering and roar back to life. Ronald Reagan said it best, "Man is not free unless government is limited."

Don't just trust my writings on this subject. Look it up for yourself.

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