Thursday, August 27, 2015

An Antidote for an Ailing Nation

With all the news over the last few days, this coming presidential election has started to weigh heavily on my mind. Democrats and squishy establishment type Republicans seem all too happy to continue selling our country down the river.

A few examples really put a burr in my proverbial saddle. First, on Wednesday, August 26th, our orange colored Speaker of the House, John (I cry when I'm drunk) Boehner, called Senator Ted Cruz a jack ass and said he was glad the Senator was out campaigning so that things could get done in Washington, DC. This was said at a fundraiser for fellow squishy Republican, Scott Tipton of Colorado. Colorado has one really good lawmaker and that would be Ken Buck of Colorado's 4th District in the House. Rep. Doug Lamborn is also a decent conservative. The rest are either crazy leftists or squishy moderate pukes. You can't make up just how bad our Republican leadership, or lack thereof, has been in DC.

Secondly, the news of the shooting that took place on the morning of August 26th in Virginia where two members of a local news crew from WDBJ were gunned down by a anti-white homosexual black man hit me in a bad place. His manifesto that was sent to ABC News sounded like the rantings of a vile racist. He was fired from all of his previous jobs because he was a crappy employee, not because he was black or homosexual. Investigations into his prior complaints bore no fruit. Why does the left continue to promote victimhood and the ideas this animal espoused?

To dovetail into this story, the first reaction of leftists was to not express sorrow to the families of the victims of this hate crime(their language used against them), but to call for gun control. I would posit that the problem is not an inanimate object but the mindset that makes this course of action seem like an option for people who perceive some sort of politically correct slight against them. The value of all life is no longer taught in schools. The left promotes the ideology of the identity group and seeks to minimize the individual. Only life that fits with the left's narrative of victimhood is valued and in those cases, only for as long as that life is politically useful. Notice that the gunman in this case will be said to be a disturbed ex-employee and his real hate filled language and positions will be glossed over because it makes the progressive narrative look bad. I am somewhat upset that he won't be made to face the families of those he so cowardly killed because he chose to off himself but on the other hand, I'm glad that the taxpayers of Virginia won't be burdened with caring for him for the rest of his life. He turned in his "Life Has Value" card as soon as he took up arms against innocent people. By the way, will a campaign against the homosexual rainbow flag begin now? One was found in the killer's apartment.

Several weeks ago, a government sponsored and backed environmental disaster occurred in Colorado. The EPA knew that the likelihood of a disaster happening at the Gold King mine was better than a bet in Vegas on the sun rising tomorrow. The EPA since has only given lip service to helping those that it has affected in this giant SNAFU. SNAFU as the acronym it started off as is an apropos description of nearly all of the federal government and its myriad agencies. They even gave dirty tanks for water storage to the Navajo nation. This incident serves to illustrate why our federal government must be reformed. Regulatory agencies currently exist to serve themselves and justify their need for an ever expanding federal budget. Only in the alphabet soup of Washington, DC can a reduction in the planned rate of funding increase be seen as a cut. In the real world, that is still an increase. The Washington, DC Cartel must be reigned in.

Like I've said in previous blog posts, the only candidate that I've seen so far that has the will to stand up to both parties and the skill to do the same is Ted Cruz. He is not a Washington hack. He is reviled by the establishment, as I have illustrated in this piece, and owes his allegiance to the American people, the Constitution of the United States and above all, his Father in Heaven. A decent and moral leader is sorely needed in a country that is sliding into the abyss. Society is morally bankrupt, government is fiscally and ideologically bankrupt and the right attorney to discharge the paperwork and start us back on a sound path toward solvency on all those issues is Ted Cruz. Many other candidates have good positions on a few of the issues facing our country but I challenge anyone to find a more consistent candidate. The Constitution of the United States is Senator Cruz's road map for government.

I urge everyone to do the research. I urge everyone to read the writings(not just recent ones either) and make your own decision. I pledge to help Senator Cruz make it to the convention in Ohio next year.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

True Liberty ie. Ted Cruz for President.

Senator Ted Cruz leading a prayer for our country.

I spent last evening into last night in Des Moines, Iowa at the Rally for Religious Liberty hosted by presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz. I consider myself highly privileged to have been able to attend this event. I was in the front row. It cemented my decision to support Ted Cruz in his presidential run.

Sitting several seats over from the Senator, during much of the evening, I was able to see him interact with people. I even shook his hand. He carries himself in a way that is highly respectful of everybody he meets. Seeing him with his two daughters was even more telling. He shows a joy in being a dad that I think we see missing in many politicians that tend to script every part of their life in order to obfuscate their true intentions.

One thing that is quite apparent about the Senator is his unfailing belief in his values and principles. These beliefs are sorely lacking in other politicians that tend to put a wet finger in the air before they take any position that may cost them political capital. Senator Cruz did not use written word, other than notes taken from when his guests spoke, during his several times on the stage in Des Moines. He knows what he believes and has an understanding of the US Constitution and its limits on government that are sorely lacking in most other elected leaders.

Among many of his guests were Dick and Betty Odgaard. They are the couple from Iowa that owned a wedding chapel. They denied a homosexual wedding request because it was against their deeply held religious convictions. The couple that was denied service then filed a complaint against them with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. This ended up making the Odgaards choose to stop their business rather than go against their deeply held beliefs. I commend them for standing up but I also fear for those of us that may have to make the same choice in the future.

The left never likes to answer the hypothetical of a gay business owner that is approached by an Evangelical Christian and declines to serve them, as should be their right. How about a Muslim approached to cater or bake for a homosexual wedding? How about a Jewish deli(whose dietary laws are even more strict) being approached to cater a Muslim event that they disagree with? All of these are similar situations. Why are they any different?

It became even more clear to me last night that we are approaching a time for choosing the direction that our country will take for the next generation. If we continue, either slowly with a progressive Republican(ie Jeb Bush or John Kasich) or an even more progressive and leftist socialist Democrat(take your pick), the destination will be the same. The only difference will be the speed with which our country runs aground.

I implore all who might read this to study, and I mean actually study, all the candidates in the race. Ted Cruz's resume, to me, makes him the best choice to lead our country out of the socialist rut that we are in. Rather than privileges, our country needs to return to true liberty. We need to be able to succeed and fail on our own with little government involvement. We are so accustomed to having a safety net or gravy train courtesy of Uncle Sam that people no longer see the need to take risk. In some cases the cost imposed by government of taking said risk is so high that it shuts out everyone but the moneyed from innovation and entrepreneurship. In other cases, the cost of living ones convictions is punished so drastically it shuts out those that just seek to live and work their passion and calling.

Liberty requires standing in the face of government tyranny. We are living with a tyrannical government now. Tolerance is a one way street now. It must end. A principled leader is needed. No more "electable" losers. I believe Ted Cruz is the best person to start our country on the path to restoring liberty.

A line of those persecuted by government for standing for their beliefs. Ted Cruz stands with them.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hillary for Prison 2016

Hillary Clinton. The name alone curdles the blood of most red-blooded Americans. Those of us that were around during the Clintonian 1990's remember that it wasn't all sunshine and lollipops. We can remember Hillary pimping her version of health reform and how that actually helped usher in the Contract for America and the only decent Congress in 50 years. We remember Bill lobbing missiles into third world countries and blowing up aspirin factories but when bin Laden was handed to him on a platter, he passed. Ask Sandy Berger about that one. We remember a dopey Bubba asking us to consider the meaning of the word "is". We remember blue dresses and cigars and a whole new act added to the lexicon, the "Lewinsky". Feel free to look that up in the Urban Dictionary. We remember Hillary Rodham Rodham throwing the women that Bill harassed and assaulted, under the "Bimbo Eruption" bus.

Fast forward to today. Hillary is under FBI investigation for playing fast and loose with classified and top secret documents. How any one in this country would consider this horrible person for the highest office in the land is beyond me. Really and truly, she was trying to capitalize on the Democrat Firsts list. They ran the first black person to win the presidency at the expense of Hillary Rodham Rodham Clinton. This woman is only where she is for one reason. She chose, for purely political reasons, to stay with one of the worst people ever. Bill is a philanderer of the first order. Hillary saw him as her meal ticket. No matter what you think of Bubba, he could sell ice to an Eskimo. Hillary would have trouble selling water for a penny to folks lost in the Sahara. People don't get the warm and fuzzy feelings from her, perhaps because she is a cold-hearted witch(I thought of using a similar word). Any woman that would make a joke about starting a Snap Chat account because the messages "disappear on their own" should not be anywhere near our nuclear launch codes. Hillary should be sent to a federal prison, not the White House.

What her candidacy really shows is how radical the Democrat party has become. John F. Kennedy would be an outlier in today's Democrat party. He cut taxes and took a hard line against communism. Today, we have Barack Obama normalizing relations with a communist country(Cuba), his dopey Secretary of State, Mashed Potato Face Lurch, negotiating with a terrorist regime and allowing them cover to continue developing a nuclear weapons program in the light of day. He'll also add over $100 billion to their stagnant economy so they may continue to fund their terrorist proxies all over the middle east. This is all seen as normal to lefty Dems. To add injury to the leftist insult, an avowed old angry Socialist, Bernie Sanders, is now pulling even with Hillary, or even ahead in a few early voting states. The crowds that crazy uncle Bernie is packing in show how far to the left the Democrat voter base has slid over the last 35 years.  Bernie's pet issue is raising the minimum wage to $15 everywhere in the country. I guess Bernie likes ordering at McDonald's from a touch screen kiosk. The corporate idiots will try to spin away from rising minimum wage so as not to raise the dander of the socialist idiots out there, but when actual franchise owners are asked, labor costs are a huge concern.

I guess what I'm saying is those of us that see the Republican party, as hapless and spineless as they are, as the issue, need to step back and see the whole political landscape. We need to make sure that we nominate someone that provides a clear, bold difference to what the Democrats will run. If  we run a Jeb Bush progressive candidate, all that will change is the speed limit on the road that leads into the ditch. Instead of being a 75 MPH Interstate Highway, the speed will be more like a 45 MPH city street, but the destination is the same. Larger government and less liberty.

A candidate, namely Ted Cruz, that sees America as the last, best hope for freedom and liberty, should be our goal. Join me in bucking the establishment trend of picking our candidates or we will get another McCain, Romney, Dole or Ford style candidate. If you doubt me, go back and watch Mitt's 3rd debate performance with Barry from 2012.

Don't fall for a candidate that is "electable". Electable is a Republican establishment euphemism for "not offensive to any single identity group, all the while standing for absolutely nothing". Vote for a candidate that really wants to win and will do so while standing for something greater than their own self interest.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throw the Political Operatives Out!

I am convinced that the reason our political process is broken is our politicians rely on their operatives to form and shape their policies and arguments rather than hiring staff that will do the work of advancing their own agenda and helping to get out their unique message.

In discussing these things with a former campaign operative, it is quite clear that that someone, whom, if she weren't in politics, would be a patriot, instead makes excuses for why our country is the way that it is and the current political system that encourages cronyism and influence pedaling is the only framework that can be used. This way of thinking is why we are where we are.

While I distrust Donald Trump and think he is a Constitutional lightweight and a moral relativist, his rise is proof that the political establishment model is one giant load of steaming elephant or jackass dung(pick your party). His followers tend to be angry and for that, I don't blame them. In several recent Republican polls, political outsiders seem to be winning the day. In years past, where the Drive By Media, to use Rush Limbaugh's term, were responsible for every narrative and misinformation stream, the political operatives could easily craft a message that would be perceived by the media kingmakers as palatable. That is no longer the case. There are many more forms of obtaining information now, for the better. Just look at Fox News and their prime time rates for the week after the Republican Debate Reality Show. They have lost between 250,000 and 500,000 viewers for their most watched prime time broadcasts because people saw their cartoonish debate format last week as being one-sided or slanted. While not a huge drop, it was noticeable. Heck, those numbers would equal many PMSNBC or CNN ratings totals for any given hour of leftist television.

Another case for my argument is the rise of that old and crazy curmudgeon of a socialist, Bernie "I've never met a tax I didn't like" Sanders. A current poll, by the Boston Herald, shows Sanders with a now significant lead, well outside the margin of error, in New Hampshire. This goes to show that even with insane leftist nutbags, the political operatives are totally and completely wrong. Now, having a candidate, in Hillary Clinton, that is subject to a federal investigation on whether she has lied under oath and destroyed classified information, might be a part of this swing but it isn't all of it. Retail politics is about appealing to the grassroots of your base. This is something that the old commie, Sanders, seems to understand. Hillary's canned speeches in front of hand selected small groups, avoidance of the media and general perception of being a rotten old hag has proven to be a liability for her. Her operatives are the ones out responding to questions while she remains tucked away as to do less damage to her already horrible public persona. The same could be said for the Republican Establishment darling, Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush, while making speeches that sound canned and forced, has made absolutely no headway in the grassroots circles. He is relying on wealthy, country club, chamber of commerce types to fund his campaign of mediocrity and love of the Washington, DC status quo. Jeb Bush squirms when he is asked pointed questions that don't fit his talking points on why illegal immigration is an act of love or why common core is so nifty, still has shown a remarkable ability to stay in the media spotlight while acquiring absolutely zero grassroots enthusiasm because the leftist media, who hate Republicans(especially principled conservative ones), seem it right  and proper to try to force this awful excuse of a presidential candidate on the American electorate. No true conservative would vote for this mealy mouthed squish.

What all of this has taught me is my initial endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz, shortly after his campaign announcement in March of this year, was the right choice. He connects with people personally when he is on the trail. He believes in his message and he doesn't say things he doesn't believe just to curry favor with the political operatives that run Washington DC. I find his candor and honesty to be refreshing. Saying things to get elected, only to change your tune once in office, has been a huge problem for elected officials. Cruz has dubbed these people (Bush, Kasich, Christie, Rubio, Pataki, Graham, Huckabee, and likely, Trump) campaign conservatives. They tout their conservative, grassroots credentials only to forget most of those credentials once in office, all the while doing only enough to show that they are a bit different from the crazies on the left side of the aisle. Cruz has correctly identified these types as members of the Washington Cartel, a group more concerned with power and keeping that power than any other goal. The constituents of the Washington Cartel are not those that mistakenly voted for them. No, the Cartel's constituents are the large corporate interests that seek to snuff out competition and lobbyists for various and multiple interest groups that think it is the job of government to control outcomes in the country. Cruz, who has run a good campaign and Rand Paul, who, on the other hand, has run an awful campaign, are really the only two in the race that get it.

In the coming weeks, I think you will see the field start to winnow itself a bit. I believe that Rick Perry, who doesn't have any paid staffers on his team now and other candidates like Rick Santorum, Jim Gilmore, and likely, Rand Paul, will drop out. I believe most of that support will go to Ted Cruz. Once that happens, I think that the Donald's doublespeak and wishy washy social stances will start to wear thin with true conservatives and you will see some of his support also gravitate toward Cruz. Cruz's national network is now larger than any other candidate in the grassroots areas. A big indicator will also take place next week when Cruz has his rally for religious liberty in Des Moines, IA. If the turn out for that event is as large as expected, I think you could see a big spike with those voters that hold their first, First Amendment right so dear.

This campaign will mark a decision on whether our country continues its leftward slide(quickly, with a Democrat or just bit more slowly, with an establishment Republican) or we return to our constitutional principles. Join me in making sure that the latter comes true.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Debate? More Like Reality Show.

After letting the first Republican debate reality show digest, I have a few observations regarding the spectacle. I'll start with the Fox News part and then tackle a few of the participants and their performances.

I was sad to see two of the moderators use leftist language in their questions. The war on women load was strewn about quite a lot and the questions on faith were quite disingenuous. Frankly, I would have liked to see 4 or 5 of the exact same questions posed to all ten candidates on stage. Give them ninety seconds to respond and then move down the line. The random format gave some participants too much time and others not enough. I understand that the ratings were huge, some say because of reality star and mogul Donald Trump's presence, but I think the other part of the story is the great disgust with the current direction of government. The "moderators" didn't ask the candidates about government corruption and dysfunction and their individual plans to fix it as much as they should have. The format was too focused on making the "moderators" the star. Brett Baier was the only good officiant. He has shown his class in everything he does. Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace acted like they were auditioning to be Candy Crowley's replacement at CNN.(full transcript of the debate here)

Senator Ted Cruz gave the most concise and concrete answers when given the chance to speak.

"When I asked General Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs, what would be required militarily to destroy ISIS, he said there is no military solution. We need to change the conditions on the ground so that young men are not in poverty and susceptible to radicalization. That, with all due respect, is nonsense.
It’s the same answer the State Department gave that we need to give them jobs. What we need is a commander in chief that makes — clear, if you join ISIS, if you wage jihad on America, then you are signing your death warrant."  
No other candidate shows the courage to stand up to their own party establishment while standing for the people that vote for him better than Sen. Cruz. He is the only candidate that doesn't have past positions that make me question his bonafides to be the Commander in Chief of the United States of America. 
Governor Mike Huckabee sounded good but his past positions on the size of government and Common Core make me question his sincerity. I would vote for him over a Democrat but I'll leave it there.
Senator Rand Paul came off poorly. He didn't say anything wrong as much as he sounded like a petulant teenager when he answered and sparred with other candidates. I would vote for him in the general election over a Democrat.
Chris Christie showed he doesn't respect the Constitution and doesn't really want to be president of the United States. I'm not worried about him winning the nomination.
Governor John Kasich makes me want to stab myself in my ears. He is the next coming of Bob Dole, Gerald Ford, John McCain, Mitt Romney and a kindred spirit with Jeb Bush. His answers on why he expanded Medicaid were mealy mouthed and squishy. His answer on homosexual marriage waw giant cop out. He said many words without saying anything other than the fact that his dad was a mailman. In no way would I vote for this man. He might make me stay home if he were the nominee.
 Governor and Bloomberg charity founding board member Jeb Bush was just awful. He looked and sounded like he was bothered by being there. His answers were heartless and not specific. He has no answers for his support of crappy top down education control or lawless border policies. He is everything bad about his brother and none of the good. Frankly, I see little domestic policy difference in him and many progressives in this country. Jeb would make me stay home if he becomes the nominee. If we are going to drive the country into the ditch, we may as well get it over sooner.
Dr. Benjamin Carson came across much better than I expected. I would vote for him if he was the nominee. He is a good man with a good heart and a warm sense of humor. He has learned much since he shot on to the national stage but still needs to develop more governmental knowledge.
Governor Scott Walker didn't do anything wrong during the debate. My only concern with him is his willingness to change his positions to suit the crowd he is talking to. His past and current positions on ethanol subsidies, Common Core and border security and immigration enforcement make me question his sincerity. I would vote for him if he was the nominee.
Senator Marco Rubio, who many talking heads swooned over, still comes across to me as a bit of an enigma. He talks a great game and looks presidential while doing it. He support for terrible policies and willingness to be "bipartisan" for the sake of being liked make me question his actual motives. His answers when asked about his positions seem too canned. I think I would vote for him in the general election but I will not support him through the primary season.
Now, the two thousand pound head in the room, the Donald. Donald Trump, while having somewhat pointed and biting questions asked of him, acted like a toddler that had his toys taken away. He did not have one specific point on anything other than look at me and "Make America Great Again". Frankly, his slogan sounds a little bit like "Hope and Change". Too vague and able to mean anything a weak-minded voter would want it to.  I love the way the Donald riles up the media but I think he is playing to the lowest common denominator. I don't trust him. I may vote for him over a Democrat is he was the only choice but I am afraid he'll go third party and give the election to Hillary Clinton or any other socialist candidate the Democrats will run if the Hilldabeast ends up in prison.
In my conservative mind, Ted Cruz is the best choice to reform the sewer, or the Washington cartel, as Cruz has termed it. He truly recognizes the real issue. The fact that government, as currently constituted, is in business for itself and no one else. He recognizes the need to return our government to a government of the people, by the people and for the people in a constitutional way that doesn't trample on individual liberty. He is the only candidate than can actually back up his language with action. He is not just a campaign conservative. Many others can't say that when voting records and previous actions are called into the mix. 
Count me as one of the #CruzCrew and a ardent supporter of #TedCruz2016.
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Monday, August 3, 2015

Watch the Debates and Learn

The first Republican debate of the primary season is only days away. Many are waiting to see their favorite candidate debate the rest of the GOP field. Many conservatives are hoping the establishment candidates continue to show their pro government fondness and their tone deafness toward what voters really want. I just want to see one thing. I want to see Senator Ted Cruz make every other candidate look like a lesser choice.

Sen. Cruz and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina have shown that they, above all others, have a command of the issues facing our country. Both have also shown a willingness to answer any question, no matter how slanted and blatantly stupid, with grace, wit and verbal aplomb. Maybe I'm showing my cards too early, but my dream ticket is Sen. Cruz and Carly Fiorina. Here are a few examples of why I see both of these people as the best choices for the future of the United States of America:

I'll include more video evidence at the end of this post.

I invite all of you that support establishment candidates(yes, Marco Rubio is an establishment type) to ask yourself why? Why do you support a candidate that thinks that changing or adding government programs will help move our country to a more prosperous position? Some have been decent governors but judge their actions, not their rhetoric.

Jeb Bush was a decent governor. His actions since leaving the governorship of Florida show his true colors. He actually served on the board of directors of Michael Bloomberg's charitable foundation. That same foundation gave $50 million to Planned Parenthood. Jeb has never denounced his affiliation with the nanny statist in chief Bloomberg. Immigration issues aside(that's a whole post in itself), Jeb is wrong on almost all of his other ideas. Education, Culture, Military Social Policy. I'd get tired of typing if I listed all the points where Jeb is wrong. He is everything that is wrong about his brother and none of the good.

Scott Walker, while doing much good as governor Wisconsin, has shown a proclivity to change his positions to suit his audience. I would support Walker in the general election over a Democrat but he is far from the best choice. His vacillation in regards to ethanol policy is one of my biggest points of contention with candidacy. He also changed his soft immigration views when public sentiment actually showed that the issue is at the forefront of many voters lists on matters of importance. His winning stances on public unions are a good counterpoint to areas where he is lacking but his record deserves scrutiny.

Donald Trump...I don't know where to go here. I love what he is saying but he has nothing to back up his assertions from a policy stand point. In years past, he was a registered Democrat and gave large sums of money to Democrats. Some of that can be seen as grease to get projects moving in heavily Democrat controlled areas of the country. I get that part. I don't understand why he can explain all of his past political positions and donations as "transactional". Ted Cruz doesn't have any of these questions.

Perhaps my most disappointing candidate would actually be Senator Marco Rubio. Sen. Rubio was elected over an awful Charlie Crist in Florida. For that, I'm glad. Since going to Washington, he has been a giant disappointment on all domestic issues, while standing strong on foreign policy and defense issues. His stances on immigration automatically put him low on my list.

Many other candidates include(also rans, for the most part) like Senator Lindsey Graham(nesty), Governor George Pataki(who?), Governor Rick Perry(Ummm), Governor John (I've never met an issue that couldn't be pandered on) Kasich, Governor Bobby Jindal(nothing bad to say, just no traction)...alright, I'll stop in the name of mercy. Senator Rand Paul, who intrigues me, has shown that he is not the adept campaigner that I thought him to be. I like his domestic stances and libertarian leanings but he has not shown the fundraising power needed to be a viable candidate, sadly. I guess the pot smoker crowd still won't support a Republican with their pocket books, fearing they'll lose their gubmint bennies.

I'll take great pleasure in seeing the other candidates shown up by Senator Ted Cruz. He knows what he speaks of and grounds his politics in the Constitution of the United States. What a novel concept in today's Washington DC cesspool.

I hope you'll join me in supporting the best candidate for president in a generation. Not since Ronald Reagan, has a candidate for "POTUS" be able to articulately fashion an argument for why he should be elected and back it up with constitutionally conservative principles. Bring on the debates.

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