Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore Burns

Baltimore is burning. Police are being targeted by gangs. Small and large businesses are being looted and burned. A major American city is being torn apart and it seems like the leadership of that city doesn't care. Baltimore's mayor shouldn't be running a hot dog stand, let alone the largest city in the state of Maryland. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, on Sunday said, we "intended to give those who wished to destroy space to do that". Watching tonight, as Fox News' reporter Leland Vittert reported from the streets of Baltimore, I was taken aback at the abject disregard for other people that was shown by the so-called protesters. Some people he interviewed were rational and just upset with what they saw as an unjust death at the hands of police. I can understand that. What I don't understand are the thugs destroying family businesses in their own communities. 

Baltimore's problem isn't an issue of white leaders oppressing a black minority in the city of Baltimore. Baltimore is a majority black city. The whole of the elected city government is black. A majority of the police force is black. What this looks like to me is a failure of years of leftist policy with regards to society and family. It also looks to me like a failure of the education system. Some of the young people interviewed had a hard time speaking full sentences in coherent English. Baltimore has been led by leftist politicians for 48 years. The welfare state is highly also entrenched in the poor inner city of Baltimore, much like other large cities. Baltimore has also been suspected of fudging their crime stats for years, as an article in the Baltimore Spectator from 2009 shows. Many murders are shown as deaths of unspecified origins rather than suspected homicides. All of this adds up to a city run by Democrats just like any other large American city. Why do people that feel so strongly downtrodden in these cities keep electing the same types of politicians? Expecting things to change while electing the same types of leaders is the definition of insanity. 

Baltimore is a microcosm of the country as a whole. Successful parts are made to pay the price for the lack of initiative in other parts. The whole "you didn't build that" of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren. After watching high schools kids organizing part of this thuggery, I'm becoming more convinced that progressive education system is also perpetuating this feeling of victim hood and fomenting the unrest. Rather than teaching reading, writing, English and math, school children are fed a continuous diet of social justice propaganda. Children are now taught to be "Social Justice Warriors" and not to be individuals. Achievement is now seen as being "better" than the others. Sameness is now celebrated in schools. No doubt, in leftist Maryland, this is a bigger problem than in a state like Nebraska, where the common core was not adopted. We must start to turn this problem into a solution by taking back education from the leftist progressive cabal that is responsible for destroying the minds of this generation of children. 

In the meantime, encourage our leaders by making sure they know what you think. You can send a Tweet to the mayor of Baltimore and let her know what you think. Maryland governor, Larry Hogan needs to hear from you too. Let your local leaders and police know what you think. Finally, let the head of the regime in Washington, DC(38 whole miles from Baltimore) know what you think.

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