Saturday, April 4, 2015

Will the Real Americans Stand Up?

I wonder whether this nation is lost. I used to think that nothing could bring this, the last best hope of freedom, to its knees. I am not so sure any more. People that try to stand up are derided by the leftist mass media and then, rather than stand up, they shrink into the woodwork. Now, that same media goes looking for ways to marginalize American values and culture. Anything goes, as long as it goes with the flow of the leftist statists that have taken over the media and institutions of higher learning.
I keep wondering when the sleeping giant will awake.

This country, as it is currently constituted, would never win World War Two. We would be to busy fighting amongst ourselves to be able to put together that kind of national effort. This country is sliding the way of all the other great civilizations. Over-burdened with debt, unrestrained from spending massive amounts on what really amounts to nothing and policies ensuring a permanent under class of new, unskilled immigrants, poorly educated young people and a general goal of dependence on Uncle Sam have yielded a soft, bloated populace that can't stand with out the crutch of the aforementioned Uncle Sam.

The general public is too absorbed in YouTube, Facebook, iPhones, iPads and any number of other meaningless things to actually take notice of the erosion of rights that is going on under their noses. A small, but vocal minority of people have taken over the dissemination of  information that is approved by the leftist mass media. There are also a small minority of patriotic minded individuals that aren't lulled to sleep by the drivel that is placed in front of us. We mustn't be deterred by their demonizing and subversive methods. The thought of a Revolutionary War was quite unpopular with the colonists until they had their collective eyes open to the oppression that the British Crown had placed them under. We need to be the modern day Paul Reveres and Samuel Adamses. We need to be the modern day Thomas Jeffersons and George Washingtons. I, for one, do not care what someone who hates this land thinks or says of me. You shouldn't either. We must to stand up and make ourselves heard before this "shining city on a hill", as Ronald Reagan said, is lost.

In the pursuit of liberty and happiness. In the defense of life.

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