Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Inform Yourself

I fear for our country. While people that I talk to and associate with generally share my same views and thoughts on these subjects, many are so busy just trying to go about their daily lives that they really never step back and look at what is truly going on.

Case in point. The big fluff story of the day is how our most esteemed Dear Leader has decided to rename a mountain in Alaska by executive fiat. While I have feelings on this subject, it has very little bearing on whether our country succeeds in overcoming its ills or not. What the media and government, namely the federal government and its alphabet soup of regulatory agencies, do to obfuscate the real story is what needs to be brought to the front.

Our nation is in the midst of a cultural and ethical battle that is threatening to choke the life out of what, in only 130 years, became the greatest and most powerful force for good in the world. The subsequent 109 years have seen us liberate more people worldwide than would have every been possible in the near past. That same time has also seen the rise of the modern fascist progressive movement in the United States. We have become what the founders warned us about. We fixed slavery. We fixed institutional racism. We fixed government sanctioned discrimination based upon inborn traits. Now, the fascists on the left think we now need to fix what they see as a wrong in the way our country was established. They think that our government should not be limited by our founding documents. They think that our founding documents should be swapped out for something that tells the government what they must do to and for us.

Now the left is continuing its march to continue "fixing" things. No longer do private property rights matter. No longer do religious and moral codes matter. No longer is killing a viable baby outside of the womb to harvest its sundry parts an actionable crime. No longer do preachers or private businesses have the ability to follow their conscience or moral codes. The left wants the State (in the general sense) to be all things to all people. Once the State is all things to all people, the individual and their liberty no longer matter. 

Take note of the small amount of coverage of what Dear Leader and his EPA want to do to individual property rights. The new Waters of the United States regulations that have been proposed by the EPA would mean that all water, down to small drainage ditches, could be regulated by the feds. This means that all building and land clearing could be regulated by the feds. The cost of environmental studies alone cause much building to stopped on land that is already owned by an individual or company. This doesn't squeeze out mega corporations that have armies of lawyers and green nuts to make sure that they stay within the regs or pay off the people that can make it look like they are within specific limits. The document linked to in this paragraph has exemptions but pay special attention to the word "adjacent". That gives the EPA the power to determine, with no recourse, what waters can be regulated. Just a few days ago, a federal judge placed an injunction on the Agency to stop the implementation but the EPA is saying that the injunction on applies in the 13 states that sued the government to get this draconian rule stopped. They are openly thumbing their nose at a justice system that they also use when that same justice system will allow them to usurp rights. They do all this while killing a river system in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

Another news story revolves around the Iranian nuclear arms deal (or truly, the lack thereof). While a small number of conservatives are banging the drums to bring the 4 Americans home that are being held by the nuts in Iran, the mainstream press can't be bothered to cover this story. The regime in Washington, DC, being represented by the mashed potato faced one, John Kerry (who served in Vietnam, just ask him) did nothing other than grab their ankles and just take it. Kerry showed no spine and asked for no actions of good faith on the part of the Iranian regime. The first course of the negotiations should have been the release of our citizens before any other type of talks proceeded. Part in parcel was the complete collapse of the US Congress and their vote to give away their Constitutional power of Senatorial consent on treaties. This is a treaty, no matter what the fascists in the White House call it. Senator Bob Corker sold his power to keep favor in the DC Cartel. This continuous capitulation in matters of Constitutional responsibility are just more examples of the lack of conscience in government. This Iran deal is just window dressing and a way for the Obama regime to pound their chest and claim the did "something". Nothing is better that something bad. This deal will lead to Iran being able to obtain a nuclear weapon and the system to deliver it. In turn, that will lead the nation of Israel to strike Iran in effort to prevent the deployment of such a weapon. I truly believe that a war between Iran and Israel will be the start of the next, and possibly last, World War. Why does this not issue not receive the notice it merits?

Another issue that receives intense local coverage but lacks the national coverage it merits is the war on the local American police officer. I will be the first to call out a bad cop or corrupt department but the vast majority of police, especially those of the elected Sheriffs' departments across the country, are good and upstanding servants that receive rather meager pay. The last few weeks have seen a huge uptick in police officers killed in the US. The worst example has to be the Deputy Sheriff, Darren Goforth in suburban Houston. He was shot 15 times in the back. The only motivation, other than the thug being a thug, was the fact that he was in uniform. The links to the stories are here. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 The Obama justice department has used the killings in addition to the false Black Lives Matter narrative to advance new federal control of local police forces. This must not be allowed to happen. Again, educate yourself and don't accept what the drive by media feeds you.

Another story that is all over the conservative new (Twitter, talk radio, Facebook, the blogosphere) media but the mainstream leftist press and punditry won't touch is this disgusting and vile organization called Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a chop shop for unborn baby parts and must be held to account. The mainstream press can't be bothered to really and truly give this story the coverage it merits. I have never seen people treat innocent human life with such lack of dignity. Actually, I have. Adolph Hitler and Josef Mengele showed the same lack of concern for innocent human life. An organization that was started by Margaret Sanger should be exposed for the eugenics factory that it is. Ask Hillary Clinton about her support of the vile organization (more like crime syndicate).

I guess what I'm saying is the average everyday American needs to stop watching only the TV news or just reading Yahoo News and delve into stories on their own. A small amount of research can yield much more than the what the mouthpieces of the DC Cartel want you to know. Assume everything that comes from ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/PMSNBC/PBS/FOXNEWS(yes, even Fox News)/Any Newspaper with a grain of salt. Look up the story on your own. Don't take them at face value. Inform yourself. It doesn't take long and will, in turn, help those of us that already see where our country is headed to help lead others to see what is really going on.

In libertate et iustitia

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