Sunday, September 6, 2015

Why Do So Many People Support Trump? No Seriously, Why?

This subject probably will piss off the Trump humpers in the crowd, but it needs to be brought up. I see the mechanism he uses on the media and it falls flat with me. He goes after those members of the media that challenge his greatness. Why this is seen as strength, I do not know. Rather than answer the question in a way that makes him look good and shows that he is above the media, he gets in the gutter and slings mud right back. I see how some might find that attractive.

Let us compare and contrast here. Trump, who may have had a legitimate beef with the Fox News debate moderators (more like game show hosts, but I digress), decided to call names and make the media the story. Instead, he could have shown the public why he was right and made the media look like fools all at the same time. Rather than question the question at the time it was being asked, he acted like a petulant child and threw tantrums. The same can be said for the Donald's interview with Hugh Hewitt this week. He looked like a total fool. He could have thanked Hugh for letting him know where he needed to brush up on his knowledge of ISIS, the Arab-Israel conflict and Iran and declined to answer the questions until he had the right answer, which is what is taught to good salespeople. Instead, he made himself act like a fool only to later Tweet out an obnoxious statement about how bad Hewitt's ratings were and that he was third rate. 
Why would a very low ratings radio talk show host like Hugh Hewitt be doing the next debate on . He is just a 3rd rate "gotcha" guy!
He could have chosen to be the bigger man but instead he chose to be the child in the cereal aisle at the grocery store, throwing a fit until he got his way.

Contrast this to how Ted Cruz handles the media. He never lets the media drive the conversation with leftist drivel and the so-called "gotcha" questions. He told Megyn Kelly this:
"Megyn, I'm not playing the game. Megyn, I get that that's the question you want to ask. That's also the question every mainstream-media liberal journalist wants to ask."
When she asked Cruz if her questions was unfair, Cruz summed it up this way:
"It is a distraction from how we actually solve the problem. It's also the question that Barack Obama wants to focus on."
Cruz got right back to where his focus was. He didn't let the the media change his angle of attack. Trump, while deriding the media, would be nothing without it. His candidacy is like the bad accident on the freeway where all the people, even knowing it is ugly, just have to look, The media is covering the car accident in the "if it bleeds, it leads" method of news delivery. 

Now, Contrast this to the Cruz campaign. He consistently attracts large crowds where ever he goes. He is knowledgeable on every subject he is asked about. He never lets the drive by media drive his agenda. Even when stupid, drooling leftist dolts, like Ellen Page or some dumb college chick in New Hampshire try to trip him up, he comes away smelling like a rose. He also forms sentences without using the words "really", "yuge"(for you non-Trump Humpers, that "huge" in Trumpeese), "so rich", and "I". I know Trump recently started using the word "we" when speaking of his campaign instead of "I", but he still refers to himself much more than any sane human should, not to mention the third person excrement. Trump will say that his donations to many different candidates were just political grease to get his projects approved. While that may be the case, if he truly thought as little of the current system of government, why hasn't he been working to change it for years? He is like a more business savvy version of Barack Obama, with slightly fewer socialist tendencies. We've had a narcissist in the White House for almost seven years, we don't need another one. 

I know what I'm saying is making the irrational Trump lovers mad, but tough love is called for. We need to defeat the establishment. If the establishment was really that afraid of the Donald, do you think that he would be getting as much favorable coverage as he is? Think about it. All they are using him for is a ratings booster. Refer to my earlier comparison of a car wreck. The establishment, that Ted Cruz has so accurately termed the Washington Cartel, is deathly afraid of a man who won't compromise his principles in effort to just "get things done". Getting things done for the sake of saying you did something is foolish. Ted Cruz scares every person that is content to inhabit the swamp that is our federal government. He is truly the man to drain that swamp and start government back toward being the smaller, less intrusive entity that it was meant to be when our founders drew it up.

Rather than waste our time and energy on a candidate that is popular just because he is rich and he likes to call people names after any perceived slight, why not support the candidate that actually knows what we are fighting for. We are fighting to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.There are plenty of both the domestic and foreign enemies knocking at the gate right now, why not choose the man that knows who those enemies are and how, within the confines of the Constitution of the United States, to defeat them. Choose the man who uses the Constitution as his touchstone. Choose Ted Cruz.

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