Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Do Not Back Down

Senator Cruz with a bolt action pen I presented to him. The pen was made by my step father, CPO Bill Belitz.

I watched a hero stand and deliver on the U.S. Senate floor on Monday, September 28th. He called out members of his own party and used his own political capital to pull back the curtain on the Washington Cartel. Needless to say that the Cartel members were not pleased. That's too darn bad. When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell decided not to fight for a bill to fund the government with exceptions for the felonious Planned Parenthood and the catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal and instead brought up a "clean"(actually quite dirty) continuing resolution bill, he threw in with a president bent on diminishing the United States of America's position abroad and "fundamentally changing it" here at home. This hero has given the American people a voice in the Senate.

The electorate threw out the members of current regime's political party thinking that the supposed opposition party would start to change things in Congress. With the largest Republican majority in the House in decades and an eight seat majority in the Senate, the leaders of the supposed opposition decided that correcting things would be hard to do and since those hard things required actual work, they would rather not do them. Speaker of the House John Boehner has chosen to commit political seppuku instead of acting as an actual leader. On his way out the door, he showed himself to be the sophomoric loser that he is. He took pot shots, once again, at the man he sees as his foil. Sadly, his counterpart in the Senate is still entrenched in his seat of power lording over the "world's most deliberative body". Frankly, Mitch McConnell has been no better than the previous leader, "Dingy" Harry Reid. At least Harry Reid was fighting for his leftist principles he ran on. Leader McConnell is fighting against the ideas he campaigned on in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Sadly, the junior Senator from that same state has also thrown in with McConnell. There is a reason the hash tag, #DitchMitch has become popular on conservative social media.

I, for one, see only one man standing for the people that elected him. He also is standing up for the rest of us that believe in the greatness that was the USA. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas named names of the feckless establishment in the Senate after the dirty CR was rammed through. He calmly, yet quite forcefully, laid out the nature of the Republican party in Washington, DC and it wasn't pretty. Congress critters campaign as conservatives and when the get to DC, whether through planned deception or leadership coercion, they become turncoats. They say one thing in their home states and districts and do the complete opposite in Washington, DC. I, for one, am tired of it.

With all of the venom coming from "my side" of the aisle, I feel that it is imperative that we support those men and women in Washington, DC that stand with us and follow their campaign promises. In addition to Senator Cruz, Senator Mike Lee of Utah needs to be held up. Senator Lee has proved to be a quiet warrior for the Constitution and has been a great ally in the fight to save the soul of the Republic. The Freedom Caucus in the House can also be counted with those two great Senators as defenders of good governance. Outside of these 40 or so members of the Senate and House, the whole lot is a corrupt bunch of self serving politicians bent on staying in power and milking donor dollars from the udders of K Street lobbyists. This cabal of ruling class politicians needs to be broken up. One man has the will to do it.

With all this being said, my decision to support Senator Ted Cruz has become a mission. I will do everything I can to help his campaign for the White House. It is time to return the People's House to a leader that respects the office and the country that he would represent. Barack Obama has been a conduit for destructive change and it will take a great leader to start to undo the catastrophic damage done to the Republic by Comrade Obama and his band of Senators and Representatives that have given everything he really wanted. The time is now to support a leader that respects the people. The time is now for a leader that respects the nobleness of the founding of this country. The world needs a strong United States. Ted Cruz has shown himself to be ready to lead on day one. I urge you to look at all of the candidates running and evaluate them. Look at their resumes. Judge them by their fruits, as Senator Cruz says. I urge you to support Senator Cruz after doing that research. I think you'll find him uniquely qualified to lead this country in a very turbulent time. This is not the time to entrust the store to someone that doesn't have the best interest of said store at heart. Support someone that is in DC to not back down. As Senator Cruz says, if a candidate is supported by the establishment in DC, run the other direction.

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