Wednesday, September 23, 2015

GOP Surrender Tactics

"In 2010, we were told that Republicans would stand and fight if only we had a Republican House. In 2014, we were told that Republicans would stand and fight just as soon as we won a majority in the Senate and retired Harry Reid. In both instances, the American people obliged. Now we’re told that we must wait until 2017 when we have a Republican president.

Like Charlie Brown and the football, this disconnect explains the massive frustration with Washington. The American people do not believe Republicans will actually do what we say we will do."

Senator Ted Cruz, excerpted from the

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner must, no, MUST BE REPLACED! This message needs be shouted from the mountaintops. The GOP establishment in Congress is surrendering its Constitutional power and authority to the Obama regime once again. If the GOP establishment won't step up and defund Planned Parenthood and pass the pain capable abortion ban, they have no reason to be in Washington DC. If Barack Obama sees fit to shut down the government over his anti-life agenda, so be it. These so-called Republican leaders have shown they are only in Washington, DC for the cocktail parties and lobbyist kick backs. Call your Senators and Representatives at (202) 224-3121 and make it clear that they must not cave to the Obama regime.

Senator Ted Cruz wrote about this same thing in an op-ed for today. He has continued to issue a clarion call on why our government is broken and his is the only clear voice in Washington, DC willing to do so with logic and facts. This must not be discounted. An elected official willing to do what he said he'd do is rare. Senator Cruz is not afraid to keep his word to his constituents.

Sen. Cruz has dubbed these people the Washington Cartel. A more true statement about the state of government has not been uttered. The current crop of surrender first Republicans, in the Senate especially, serve only to feather their nest. They espouse conservative ideas when they run for Senate to differentiate themselves from the uber-leftist Democrats. No Republican runs while saying they are an establishment moderate squish. Once they win, they then sell their soul to the Cartel and do nothing to change the system, to drain the insect infested swamp. This must be stopped. We must make know that spineless activity by Republicans serves to earn them a primary challenge every time.

This only serves to steel my resolve to do my part to get this good and humble man, Senator Ted Cruz, elected as our next President. We have not had a principled leader in almost 30 years. The time is now. There are only 131 days until the first primary event, the Iowa caucuses. Four weeks after that, Super Tuesday happens. If you believe in Constitutional government and government restraint, Senator Cruz is the only one to trust to deliver on his promises. A Cruz administration would give a country suffering from governmental anaphylaxis, a needed epinephrine injection. Then the real work of actually reforming and shrinking the overarching federal Leviathan could start.

As Senator Cruz says, if you want to fiddle around the edges and manage Washington, he ain't your guy. If, on the other hand, you want to restore liberty, respect faith, restore and strengthen our allied relationships around the world, reduce government regulations that stifle business and productivity, reform the over reaching Supreme Court with the appointment of Constitutional jurists, and strengthen our military in order to keep this country safe, I urge you to support Senator Cruz. Senator Cruz has never supported amnesty for illegal aliens. Every other candidate has had to change their position to fit the campaign. Senator Cruz is the best candidate on all constitutional issues, including the Second Amendment. Barack Obama ran a campaign of cotton candy "Hope and Change" in order to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses. Senator Ted Cruz is running a morally upright campaign of consistent conservatism in order to restore the promise of America.

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