Friday, September 11, 2015

A Day of Resolute Rememberance

Fourteen years ago today, an event occurred that changed my way of looking at the world. That clear blue Tuesday morning that started so perfectly. I was getting ready to go to Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, NE to work at the booth my employer shared there. I heard the news on the radio at first. Then, shortly after I turned on the TV, I saw the first tower collapse. Then the second. I drove to work in stunned silence. I was only 20 years old.

I think it is important to remember how and why we are where we are today. Many people have seemingly forgotten the sacrifices made by the brave firefighters and policemen in lower Manhattan that Tuesday morning. They ran in while others were running away.

I also think that we, as a nation, as the American people, need to use today to reflect on where we are going, collectively. Is our country going to be the one to finally put the boot on the neck of radical Islam? Our current leadership is now choosing the time worn path of appeasement and enabling rather than defiance. Our leaders in Washington, DC are currently enabling the type of people that flew those planes into our buildings fourteen years ago. We have fallen so far in these few years. It seems a vast swath of the American people have fallen asleep.

It is time for those of us that count ourselves amongst the ranks of patriots past to make sure that another September, 11th 2001 never happens again. We must hold our leaders accountable. We must make those leaders who would appease, rather than fight to defeat an ideology that is bent on destroying civilized western life, uncomfortable with their chosen path of appeasement. We can have no peace with the Islamic world until that world no longer wants to kill Americans and can accept Israel's place in the in their part of the world. If that means destroying whole countries, then so be it. Radical Islam is not compatible with liberty.

The last war that was truly a total victory was World War Two. Sure, the US has won many battles since then but this country has been bitten by the politically correct bug. We have lost the will to destroy our enemies. America, on the whole, needs a spine transplant. Today is as good of a day as any to start that transplant process. Remember this as we go into next year.

Let us remember the fallen of 9/11/01 by standing strong against the ideology that led to their deaths. We need to remind our leaders that the American people aren't the enemy. Let us start today by making our voices heard. If our voices fall on deaf ears, then let us make our presence felt. Our leaders need to know that appeasement and enabling of the enemy will not be stood for.

Say a prayer for those that are fighting this evil today. Say a prayer for Israel. Say a prayer for the Christians in the middle east that are being killed by radical Muslims. Say a prayer for our leaders that they may see that there is still evil in the world and that they may find the will to stand against it.

Remember. Pray. Stand strong.

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