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I Watched the Whole GOP Debate. Here Are My Thoughts.

Senator Ted Cruz having a discussion with the #CruzCrew

This is going to be a bit of a stream of consciousness exercise. I am tired of the media and the Washington DC cartel trying to pick our presidential candidates for us. I rant and rave about this because it is important. Our country has been sliding toward ruin under both Republican and Democrat leadership. Outside of one 8 year presidential term from 1981 until 1989, every single president since John F. Kennedy was assassinated has been about managing the decline of the greatest country in the world. Without Ronald Reagan's leadership, who knows how bad off we'd be. He ushered in the only true growth in the American economy in the last 40 years. He was given much worse than any president in recent history and was able to right the ship.

I watched every minute of the Republican debate on Wednesday, September 16th. I was amazed at the lack of time give to some of the strongest candidates on the stage. I'm going to try to go over what my thoughts on all of the people on the stage were. We'll start from stage right to stage left.

Rand Paul:
I really want to like Rand. I do. He just comes of as too out there. I love most of his domestic agenda issues and his liberty driven attitude but I think he may be too naive in terms of foreign policy. He is also a disjointed speaker and speaks in too many anecdotes. I think we need a stronger voice for our country on the world stage. He comes off as angry for the sake of being angry. We need a happy warrior. All this being said, I would vote for him if he was our party's nominee.

Mike Huckabee:
I love Mike's passion for his faith but I think he sees government as the answer to too many of our problems. I like his tax plan but I hate that he wants to use the government to shape thoughts and ways of living. That's not to say that religious liberty doesn't need defending, but my defense of religious liberty would more less government, not more.  His record in Arkansas is also one of a moderate on fiscal issues and we can't have another big domestic spending president. I would vote for him if he was the nominee.

Marco Rubio:
I want to be able to support Marco because I like most of his foreign policy ideas. The thing that puts a burr in my saddle about Rubio was his willingness to surrender to the DC cartel on immigration and border issues. He sold his constituents out when he got to the Senate, all in the effort to curry favor with the leadership of the DC cartel. He made good points on many issues and he would be better than a blatant commie like Komrade Sanders or Monica's ex boyfriend's wife. I would vote for him if he was our nominee.

Ben Carson:
Dr. Carson is a very inspiring man. If I had to choose one person on that stage to sit and learn more about, he would be that man. His career in medicine is flat out legendary. He was THE preeminent pediatric neurosurgeon in the world while he was practicing. Here's where the "but" comes in. I don't think he has the temperament to lead the most powerful country in the world. With all of the damage done by the current leadership regime, we need someone with grand ideas of empowering the American people on his first day in office. There can't be any on the job training when taking the reigns on January, 20th 2017. We need a Constitutional leader. Again, if he were to win the nomination, I would support him.

Donald Trump:
While I like what the Donald has done to help break down the politically correct walls around presidential politics, I think his campaign is a giant dumpster fire. Frankly, he is leading people on with his "We'll be so great, we'll be so strong, you'll get tired of winning" line of horse manure. Government must be reigned in. He speaks of no such thing. He has held more positions on more issues that there are issues to have positions on. I can tell you that I have never(not once, EVER) identified as or with the Democrat party. He, understandably, has played both ends against the middle in the course of his business career because the current system tends to dictate being two faced with local and state government officials. Great for a real estate tycoon. Not so spiffy when it comes to running the free world. I want to know that a president is going to follow the constitution when acting. Congress must be the body to write law. We've had enough of the Executive branch making everything up as they go along. To be truthful, I would really have a hard time voting for Mr. Trump if he is the nominee of the Republican party. Who knows what we would get? Would I vote for a Democrat? NO. Would I write in a can of Coors Banquet? Maybe.

Jeb Bush:
Jeb, or Yeb, to his friends, is a candidate that I would not support if he was our nominee. His positions on immigration and common core preclude me from supporting him. He is everything that is bad about his brother and dad and very little of the good. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if we want someone to manage the decline of the country, a Democrat will get it over a lot quicker. Jeb Bush cannot be our nominee.

Scott Walker:
I like Governor Walker. I think he is a decent man. I like his results in Wisconsin. I don't like his pandering to the corn lobby when he spoke to the over subsidized farmers in Iowa earlier this year. He tends to evolve on issues after having his position called into question. To his credit, more of his evolution has occurred in the right direction. I love his fighting spirit and I think he would be a decent president. His stand against the government union thugs in Wisconsin is one of the most admirable things done by any governor in the United States in a long time. I would vote for Governor Walker if he was the nominee.

Carly Fiorina:
After much thought and study, I have come to the conclusion that Carly Fiorina a less offensive version of Donald Trump in a skirt of pantsuit. While she has a great command of the issues, I question her sincerity on every issue she speaks about. She has praised Hillary Rodham Rodham(Clinton) in the past. She was a huge proponent of John McCain (possibly the worst presidential candidate in a half century). After an in depth study, I've come to the conclusion that sh is a grifter. She is the only other candidate, other than Donald Trump to have been divorced and frankly, she discarded her first husband like yesterday's trash. She has a mistaken and less than Constitutional view of many issues including the 14th Amendment, insofar as her position on immigration and birthright citizenship goes. Would I support her as our nominee? Maybe.

John Kasich:
Ugh...Even writing about this mealy mouthed squish makes my head hurt. John Kasich is THE WORST Republican running for president. He is a politician's politician. He loves government and loves spending other peoples' money in order to be "compassionate". Vomit. No other candidate makes me want to stab myself in the ear when he speaks like the son of the mailman does. His positions on the Iran Deal, Common Core, Obamacare/Medicaid expansion, Immigration and almost everything else make me sick. I would not vote for a presidential candidate, outside of maybe the Coors Banquet can write in, if he were our nominee. I would also drop my Republican party affiliation if he were to win the Republican nomination. Only one person running makes Jeb Bush look decent and it is John Kasich. Ohio can keep him.

Chris Christie:
Krispy Kreme (did I say that, what do the kids say...sorry, not sorry) Christie is an interesting case study in establishment politicians. He sounds great in many sound bites. He is quick witted. He is also governor of one of the most over regulated and over taxed states in the Union and he has an absolutely crazy leftist state legislature to deal with. On the other hand, he has done little to combat those nut ball leftists in the state house in Trenton. I think he would be a good Secretary of State but he is weak on issues of liberty. He, like Governor Huckabee, defers to government too much. His little guy, middle class adovcate schtick sounds good but he has little to show for it. Would he be better that a Democrat? Yes, but only marginally. Would I vote for him? Probably with a clothes pin on my nose.

You may think I left someone out. I did not. Jake Tapper didn't want to give this man a chance talk. If you watch the Q&A session at the Heritage Action Presidential Forum from September 18th, you'll see why. This man is honest and is the most consistent and Constitutional candidate running. If you've read my writing, you'll know who I'm referring to. That man is Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz:
Read his resume. This man puts the fear of God in the Washington Cartel because he doesn't play nice with them. While Jake Tapper tried to shut him out, every answer he gave during the debate was spot on and when Jeb Bush tried to tangle with him on the issue of Supreme Court Justices, he showed why he is the most qualified to lead this country. Outside of keeping this country safe, the appointment of Supreme Court Justices will be the biggest task for the next leader of our country.
You might ask about compromising and getting things done in DC. I don't want someone to compromise. I want someone to win, not by compromising, but by showing Americans that we can and will do better. Ted Cruz is joyful in his defense of liberty and the principles that made our country the greatest ever to exist. I want to bludgeon our political opponents and make it hard for them to do the wrong thing, whether that be the establishment GOP squishes or the commies on the left side of the aisle.
Ted Cruz is right on education, national defense and how to deal with radical Islamic terrorism, immigration, healthcare reform, and all issues that deal with restoring liberty and Constitutional governance to the swamp that is Washington DC.
After having the opportunity to attend the Senator's Rally for Religious Liberty, I was more convinced that ever that he is a once in a generation candidate. I've seen him interact with everyday folks, up close. I've seen him introduce his daughters to other kids. I've seen the way his daughters run to him when they see him. He is a good and decent man. I've never had the chance to vote for a true conservative until now. Nobody, for that matter, has since 1984.
Another thing that makes this decision easier is who is supporting Senator Cruz. A SuperPAC led by David Barton of Wallbuilders is supporting the Senator. Gun Owners of America has already endorsed him. Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center has endorsed him. With Rick Perry dropping out, I also expect the full force of the Texas conservative machine, led by the amazing Greg Abbott, to be behind the Senator.
Finally, I can tell that Ted Cruz is a man of his word. He has taken all the slings and arrows that the statists in DC have thrown at him and still stands for Americans of every stripe. He doesn't pander to groups or play identity politics. He talks to individuals. The individual is the only minority that matters in a Constitutional Republic.

I'm here to say that I have signed my commitment card to volunteer with the #CruzToVictory campaign. I invite all of you to do the research and stand behind a candidate that you can support. I hope that candidate is Senator Cruz.

Check out the new ad just released by the campaign. Also check out Ted's appearance at the Heritage Action Presidential Forum here. His remarks at that Forum are amazing.

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