Thursday, August 27, 2015

An Antidote for an Ailing Nation

With all the news over the last few days, this coming presidential election has started to weigh heavily on my mind. Democrats and squishy establishment type Republicans seem all too happy to continue selling our country down the river.

A few examples really put a burr in my proverbial saddle. First, on Wednesday, August 26th, our orange colored Speaker of the House, John (I cry when I'm drunk) Boehner, called Senator Ted Cruz a jack ass and said he was glad the Senator was out campaigning so that things could get done in Washington, DC. This was said at a fundraiser for fellow squishy Republican, Scott Tipton of Colorado. Colorado has one really good lawmaker and that would be Ken Buck of Colorado's 4th District in the House. Rep. Doug Lamborn is also a decent conservative. The rest are either crazy leftists or squishy moderate pukes. You can't make up just how bad our Republican leadership, or lack thereof, has been in DC.

Secondly, the news of the shooting that took place on the morning of August 26th in Virginia where two members of a local news crew from WDBJ were gunned down by a anti-white homosexual black man hit me in a bad place. His manifesto that was sent to ABC News sounded like the rantings of a vile racist. He was fired from all of his previous jobs because he was a crappy employee, not because he was black or homosexual. Investigations into his prior complaints bore no fruit. Why does the left continue to promote victimhood and the ideas this animal espoused?

To dovetail into this story, the first reaction of leftists was to not express sorrow to the families of the victims of this hate crime(their language used against them), but to call for gun control. I would posit that the problem is not an inanimate object but the mindset that makes this course of action seem like an option for people who perceive some sort of politically correct slight against them. The value of all life is no longer taught in schools. The left promotes the ideology of the identity group and seeks to minimize the individual. Only life that fits with the left's narrative of victimhood is valued and in those cases, only for as long as that life is politically useful. Notice that the gunman in this case will be said to be a disturbed ex-employee and his real hate filled language and positions will be glossed over because it makes the progressive narrative look bad. I am somewhat upset that he won't be made to face the families of those he so cowardly killed because he chose to off himself but on the other hand, I'm glad that the taxpayers of Virginia won't be burdened with caring for him for the rest of his life. He turned in his "Life Has Value" card as soon as he took up arms against innocent people. By the way, will a campaign against the homosexual rainbow flag begin now? One was found in the killer's apartment.

Several weeks ago, a government sponsored and backed environmental disaster occurred in Colorado. The EPA knew that the likelihood of a disaster happening at the Gold King mine was better than a bet in Vegas on the sun rising tomorrow. The EPA since has only given lip service to helping those that it has affected in this giant SNAFU. SNAFU as the acronym it started off as is an apropos description of nearly all of the federal government and its myriad agencies. They even gave dirty tanks for water storage to the Navajo nation. This incident serves to illustrate why our federal government must be reformed. Regulatory agencies currently exist to serve themselves and justify their need for an ever expanding federal budget. Only in the alphabet soup of Washington, DC can a reduction in the planned rate of funding increase be seen as a cut. In the real world, that is still an increase. The Washington, DC Cartel must be reigned in.

Like I've said in previous blog posts, the only candidate that I've seen so far that has the will to stand up to both parties and the skill to do the same is Ted Cruz. He is not a Washington hack. He is reviled by the establishment, as I have illustrated in this piece, and owes his allegiance to the American people, the Constitution of the United States and above all, his Father in Heaven. A decent and moral leader is sorely needed in a country that is sliding into the abyss. Society is morally bankrupt, government is fiscally and ideologically bankrupt and the right attorney to discharge the paperwork and start us back on a sound path toward solvency on all those issues is Ted Cruz. Many other candidates have good positions on a few of the issues facing our country but I challenge anyone to find a more consistent candidate. The Constitution of the United States is Senator Cruz's road map for government.

I urge everyone to do the research. I urge everyone to read the writings(not just recent ones either) and make your own decision. I pledge to help Senator Cruz make it to the convention in Ohio next year.

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