Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hillary for Prison 2016

Hillary Clinton. The name alone curdles the blood of most red-blooded Americans. Those of us that were around during the Clintonian 1990's remember that it wasn't all sunshine and lollipops. We can remember Hillary pimping her version of health reform and how that actually helped usher in the Contract for America and the only decent Congress in 50 years. We remember Bill lobbing missiles into third world countries and blowing up aspirin factories but when bin Laden was handed to him on a platter, he passed. Ask Sandy Berger about that one. We remember a dopey Bubba asking us to consider the meaning of the word "is". We remember blue dresses and cigars and a whole new act added to the lexicon, the "Lewinsky". Feel free to look that up in the Urban Dictionary. We remember Hillary Rodham Rodham throwing the women that Bill harassed and assaulted, under the "Bimbo Eruption" bus.

Fast forward to today. Hillary is under FBI investigation for playing fast and loose with classified and top secret documents. How any one in this country would consider this horrible person for the highest office in the land is beyond me. Really and truly, she was trying to capitalize on the Democrat Firsts list. They ran the first black person to win the presidency at the expense of Hillary Rodham Rodham Clinton. This woman is only where she is for one reason. She chose, for purely political reasons, to stay with one of the worst people ever. Bill is a philanderer of the first order. Hillary saw him as her meal ticket. No matter what you think of Bubba, he could sell ice to an Eskimo. Hillary would have trouble selling water for a penny to folks lost in the Sahara. People don't get the warm and fuzzy feelings from her, perhaps because she is a cold-hearted witch(I thought of using a similar word). Any woman that would make a joke about starting a Snap Chat account because the messages "disappear on their own" should not be anywhere near our nuclear launch codes. Hillary should be sent to a federal prison, not the White House.

What her candidacy really shows is how radical the Democrat party has become. John F. Kennedy would be an outlier in today's Democrat party. He cut taxes and took a hard line against communism. Today, we have Barack Obama normalizing relations with a communist country(Cuba), his dopey Secretary of State, Mashed Potato Face Lurch, negotiating with a terrorist regime and allowing them cover to continue developing a nuclear weapons program in the light of day. He'll also add over $100 billion to their stagnant economy so they may continue to fund their terrorist proxies all over the middle east. This is all seen as normal to lefty Dems. To add injury to the leftist insult, an avowed old angry Socialist, Bernie Sanders, is now pulling even with Hillary, or even ahead in a few early voting states. The crowds that crazy uncle Bernie is packing in show how far to the left the Democrat voter base has slid over the last 35 years.  Bernie's pet issue is raising the minimum wage to $15 everywhere in the country. I guess Bernie likes ordering at McDonald's from a touch screen kiosk. The corporate idiots will try to spin away from rising minimum wage so as not to raise the dander of the socialist idiots out there, but when actual franchise owners are asked, labor costs are a huge concern.

I guess what I'm saying is those of us that see the Republican party, as hapless and spineless as they are, as the issue, need to step back and see the whole political landscape. We need to make sure that we nominate someone that provides a clear, bold difference to what the Democrats will run. If  we run a Jeb Bush progressive candidate, all that will change is the speed limit on the road that leads into the ditch. Instead of being a 75 MPH Interstate Highway, the speed will be more like a 45 MPH city street, but the destination is the same. Larger government and less liberty.

A candidate, namely Ted Cruz, that sees America as the last, best hope for freedom and liberty, should be our goal. Join me in bucking the establishment trend of picking our candidates or we will get another McCain, Romney, Dole or Ford style candidate. If you doubt me, go back and watch Mitt's 3rd debate performance with Barry from 2012.

Don't fall for a candidate that is "electable". Electable is a Republican establishment euphemism for "not offensive to any single identity group, all the while standing for absolutely nothing". Vote for a candidate that really wants to win and will do so while standing for something greater than their own self interest.

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