Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throw the Political Operatives Out!

I am convinced that the reason our political process is broken is our politicians rely on their operatives to form and shape their policies and arguments rather than hiring staff that will do the work of advancing their own agenda and helping to get out their unique message.

In discussing these things with a former campaign operative, it is quite clear that that someone, whom, if she weren't in politics, would be a patriot, instead makes excuses for why our country is the way that it is and the current political system that encourages cronyism and influence pedaling is the only framework that can be used. This way of thinking is why we are where we are.

While I distrust Donald Trump and think he is a Constitutional lightweight and a moral relativist, his rise is proof that the political establishment model is one giant load of steaming elephant or jackass dung(pick your party). His followers tend to be angry and for that, I don't blame them. In several recent Republican polls, political outsiders seem to be winning the day. In years past, where the Drive By Media, to use Rush Limbaugh's term, were responsible for every narrative and misinformation stream, the political operatives could easily craft a message that would be perceived by the media kingmakers as palatable. That is no longer the case. There are many more forms of obtaining information now, for the better. Just look at Fox News and their prime time rates for the week after the Republican Debate Reality Show. They have lost between 250,000 and 500,000 viewers for their most watched prime time broadcasts because people saw their cartoonish debate format last week as being one-sided or slanted. While not a huge drop, it was noticeable. Heck, those numbers would equal many PMSNBC or CNN ratings totals for any given hour of leftist television.

Another case for my argument is the rise of that old and crazy curmudgeon of a socialist, Bernie "I've never met a tax I didn't like" Sanders. A current poll, by the Boston Herald, shows Sanders with a now significant lead, well outside the margin of error, in New Hampshire. This goes to show that even with insane leftist nutbags, the political operatives are totally and completely wrong. Now, having a candidate, in Hillary Clinton, that is subject to a federal investigation on whether she has lied under oath and destroyed classified information, might be a part of this swing but it isn't all of it. Retail politics is about appealing to the grassroots of your base. This is something that the old commie, Sanders, seems to understand. Hillary's canned speeches in front of hand selected small groups, avoidance of the media and general perception of being a rotten old hag has proven to be a liability for her. Her operatives are the ones out responding to questions while she remains tucked away as to do less damage to her already horrible public persona. The same could be said for the Republican Establishment darling, Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush, while making speeches that sound canned and forced, has made absolutely no headway in the grassroots circles. He is relying on wealthy, country club, chamber of commerce types to fund his campaign of mediocrity and love of the Washington, DC status quo. Jeb Bush squirms when he is asked pointed questions that don't fit his talking points on why illegal immigration is an act of love or why common core is so nifty, still has shown a remarkable ability to stay in the media spotlight while acquiring absolutely zero grassroots enthusiasm because the leftist media, who hate Republicans(especially principled conservative ones), seem it right  and proper to try to force this awful excuse of a presidential candidate on the American electorate. No true conservative would vote for this mealy mouthed squish.

What all of this has taught me is my initial endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz, shortly after his campaign announcement in March of this year, was the right choice. He connects with people personally when he is on the trail. He believes in his message and he doesn't say things he doesn't believe just to curry favor with the political operatives that run Washington DC. I find his candor and honesty to be refreshing. Saying things to get elected, only to change your tune once in office, has been a huge problem for elected officials. Cruz has dubbed these people (Bush, Kasich, Christie, Rubio, Pataki, Graham, Huckabee, and likely, Trump) campaign conservatives. They tout their conservative, grassroots credentials only to forget most of those credentials once in office, all the while doing only enough to show that they are a bit different from the crazies on the left side of the aisle. Cruz has correctly identified these types as members of the Washington Cartel, a group more concerned with power and keeping that power than any other goal. The constituents of the Washington Cartel are not those that mistakenly voted for them. No, the Cartel's constituents are the large corporate interests that seek to snuff out competition and lobbyists for various and multiple interest groups that think it is the job of government to control outcomes in the country. Cruz, who has run a good campaign and Rand Paul, who, on the other hand, has run an awful campaign, are really the only two in the race that get it.

In the coming weeks, I think you will see the field start to winnow itself a bit. I believe that Rick Perry, who doesn't have any paid staffers on his team now and other candidates like Rick Santorum, Jim Gilmore, and likely, Rand Paul, will drop out. I believe most of that support will go to Ted Cruz. Once that happens, I think that the Donald's doublespeak and wishy washy social stances will start to wear thin with true conservatives and you will see some of his support also gravitate toward Cruz. Cruz's national network is now larger than any other candidate in the grassroots areas. A big indicator will also take place next week when Cruz has his rally for religious liberty in Des Moines, IA. If the turn out for that event is as large as expected, I think you could see a big spike with those voters that hold their first, First Amendment right so dear.

This campaign will mark a decision on whether our country continues its leftward slide(quickly, with a Democrat or just bit more slowly, with an establishment Republican) or we return to our constitutional principles. Join me in making sure that the latter comes true.

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