Monday, August 3, 2015

Watch the Debates and Learn

The first Republican debate of the primary season is only days away. Many are waiting to see their favorite candidate debate the rest of the GOP field. Many conservatives are hoping the establishment candidates continue to show their pro government fondness and their tone deafness toward what voters really want. I just want to see one thing. I want to see Senator Ted Cruz make every other candidate look like a lesser choice.

Sen. Cruz and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina have shown that they, above all others, have a command of the issues facing our country. Both have also shown a willingness to answer any question, no matter how slanted and blatantly stupid, with grace, wit and verbal aplomb. Maybe I'm showing my cards too early, but my dream ticket is Sen. Cruz and Carly Fiorina. Here are a few examples of why I see both of these people as the best choices for the future of the United States of America:

I'll include more video evidence at the end of this post.

I invite all of you that support establishment candidates(yes, Marco Rubio is an establishment type) to ask yourself why? Why do you support a candidate that thinks that changing or adding government programs will help move our country to a more prosperous position? Some have been decent governors but judge their actions, not their rhetoric.

Jeb Bush was a decent governor. His actions since leaving the governorship of Florida show his true colors. He actually served on the board of directors of Michael Bloomberg's charitable foundation. That same foundation gave $50 million to Planned Parenthood. Jeb has never denounced his affiliation with the nanny statist in chief Bloomberg. Immigration issues aside(that's a whole post in itself), Jeb is wrong on almost all of his other ideas. Education, Culture, Military Social Policy. I'd get tired of typing if I listed all the points where Jeb is wrong. He is everything that is wrong about his brother and none of the good.

Scott Walker, while doing much good as governor Wisconsin, has shown a proclivity to change his positions to suit his audience. I would support Walker in the general election over a Democrat but he is far from the best choice. His vacillation in regards to ethanol policy is one of my biggest points of contention with candidacy. He also changed his soft immigration views when public sentiment actually showed that the issue is at the forefront of many voters lists on matters of importance. His winning stances on public unions are a good counterpoint to areas where he is lacking but his record deserves scrutiny.

Donald Trump...I don't know where to go here. I love what he is saying but he has nothing to back up his assertions from a policy stand point. In years past, he was a registered Democrat and gave large sums of money to Democrats. Some of that can be seen as grease to get projects moving in heavily Democrat controlled areas of the country. I get that part. I don't understand why he can explain all of his past political positions and donations as "transactional". Ted Cruz doesn't have any of these questions.

Perhaps my most disappointing candidate would actually be Senator Marco Rubio. Sen. Rubio was elected over an awful Charlie Crist in Florida. For that, I'm glad. Since going to Washington, he has been a giant disappointment on all domestic issues, while standing strong on foreign policy and defense issues. His stances on immigration automatically put him low on my list.

Many other candidates include(also rans, for the most part) like Senator Lindsey Graham(nesty), Governor George Pataki(who?), Governor Rick Perry(Ummm), Governor John (I've never met an issue that couldn't be pandered on) Kasich, Governor Bobby Jindal(nothing bad to say, just no traction)...alright, I'll stop in the name of mercy. Senator Rand Paul, who intrigues me, has shown that he is not the adept campaigner that I thought him to be. I like his domestic stances and libertarian leanings but he has not shown the fundraising power needed to be a viable candidate, sadly. I guess the pot smoker crowd still won't support a Republican with their pocket books, fearing they'll lose their gubmint bennies.

I'll take great pleasure in seeing the other candidates shown up by Senator Ted Cruz. He knows what he speaks of and grounds his politics in the Constitution of the United States. What a novel concept in today's Washington DC cesspool.

I hope you'll join me in supporting the best candidate for president in a generation. Not since Ronald Reagan, has a candidate for "POTUS" be able to articulately fashion an argument for why he should be elected and back it up with constitutionally conservative principles. Bring on the debates.

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