Saturday, August 22, 2015

True Liberty ie. Ted Cruz for President.

Senator Ted Cruz leading a prayer for our country.

I spent last evening into last night in Des Moines, Iowa at the Rally for Religious Liberty hosted by presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz. I consider myself highly privileged to have been able to attend this event. I was in the front row. It cemented my decision to support Ted Cruz in his presidential run.

Sitting several seats over from the Senator, during much of the evening, I was able to see him interact with people. I even shook his hand. He carries himself in a way that is highly respectful of everybody he meets. Seeing him with his two daughters was even more telling. He shows a joy in being a dad that I think we see missing in many politicians that tend to script every part of their life in order to obfuscate their true intentions.

One thing that is quite apparent about the Senator is his unfailing belief in his values and principles. These beliefs are sorely lacking in other politicians that tend to put a wet finger in the air before they take any position that may cost them political capital. Senator Cruz did not use written word, other than notes taken from when his guests spoke, during his several times on the stage in Des Moines. He knows what he believes and has an understanding of the US Constitution and its limits on government that are sorely lacking in most other elected leaders.

Among many of his guests were Dick and Betty Odgaard. They are the couple from Iowa that owned a wedding chapel. They denied a homosexual wedding request because it was against their deeply held religious convictions. The couple that was denied service then filed a complaint against them with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. This ended up making the Odgaards choose to stop their business rather than go against their deeply held beliefs. I commend them for standing up but I also fear for those of us that may have to make the same choice in the future.

The left never likes to answer the hypothetical of a gay business owner that is approached by an Evangelical Christian and declines to serve them, as should be their right. How about a Muslim approached to cater or bake for a homosexual wedding? How about a Jewish deli(whose dietary laws are even more strict) being approached to cater a Muslim event that they disagree with? All of these are similar situations. Why are they any different?

It became even more clear to me last night that we are approaching a time for choosing the direction that our country will take for the next generation. If we continue, either slowly with a progressive Republican(ie Jeb Bush or John Kasich) or an even more progressive and leftist socialist Democrat(take your pick), the destination will be the same. The only difference will be the speed with which our country runs aground.

I implore all who might read this to study, and I mean actually study, all the candidates in the race. Ted Cruz's resume, to me, makes him the best choice to lead our country out of the socialist rut that we are in. Rather than privileges, our country needs to return to true liberty. We need to be able to succeed and fail on our own with little government involvement. We are so accustomed to having a safety net or gravy train courtesy of Uncle Sam that people no longer see the need to take risk. In some cases the cost imposed by government of taking said risk is so high that it shuts out everyone but the moneyed from innovation and entrepreneurship. In other cases, the cost of living ones convictions is punished so drastically it shuts out those that just seek to live and work their passion and calling.

Liberty requires standing in the face of government tyranny. We are living with a tyrannical government now. Tolerance is a one way street now. It must end. A principled leader is needed. No more "electable" losers. I believe Ted Cruz is the best person to start our country on the path to restoring liberty.

A line of those persecuted by government for standing for their beliefs. Ted Cruz stands with them.
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