Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The USA and Why She Needs Saved

I've moved across the country this week. I plan on embarking on a new adventure in a new place seventeen hundred miles from where I had lived for the last twelve years. The state that I've moved to is a socialist haven just north of the den of thieves that is Washington, District of Columbia. I have a lot of exploring to do. I also do not want be content with living in a state that is content with an overarching government. I want to speak out. I will speak out.

Why should states that have onerous government regulation as the root of their problems be allowed to continue on their paths of destruction? People need to know that they can do better and do so without government getting in their way. Most people, when they know they are being shackled by government, will do better. Government acts like a zoo for people. Regulations are the bars and fences.

I have come to the realization that things like permit and licensing regulations are there to impede entrepreneurship in order to keep established business entrenched in their seats around the table of power. Market forces can fix all of the issues that we run into. Why should a prospective business owner have to grovel to the government of record for permission to meed a consumer need? I understand liability issues but that can be address by the criminal code. If a person can do something that meets the needs of a prospective consumer and no harm is incurred to either party, there should be nothing the government, local, state or federal, can do about it.

This country was founded to give the individual the power to do a he sees fit with his own resources. Now, we have the EPA telling land owners with puddles on their land how they can use or in most cases, not use their own land. We have states like Maryland telling people that they can't protect their own interests without a compelling reason to protect themselves. A compelling reason? How about the state doesn't matter and they need to keep their tentacles out of peoples individual lives.

We are seeing the result of a populace that has been overly regulated for many years. Violent crime has exploded in Democrat controlled areas of the country. This phenomenon now has a name. The Ferguson effect. The Ferguson effect would never happen in a place like Casper, Wyoming. The reason? The first thug that attacked a business would die from the constitutionally permitted carrier of a weapon keeping his property safe. No permit should ever be needed to exercise one's natural rights. The defense of one's person and property is essential to liberty. Why shouldn't all people in every state be afforded the same constitutionally guaranteed ability to defend themselves?

This country succeeded because people were left alone. It will fall because they aren't left alone. The United States of America is worth saving because it was the greatest place for the individual person to succeed or fail in the world. It needs to be again.

I encourage everyone that loves liberty to work to shrink government and restore personal liberty to this great land. Start in your local government and move to the state and federal levels. I start today.

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