Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ernie Chambers 1, Nebraska Justice System 0

Today, the Nebraska legislature, known as the Unicameral, voted to end the death penalty in the state. I hold true to the idea that the death penalty is not necessarily a deterrent to crime but rather a just punishment for horrific and depraved crimes. With DNA and the advances in criminal sciences, this should make it easier to obtain a fair conviction based upon facts. Perhaps the biggest issue I have with many that advocate for the end of the death penalty is the fact that many of the same people that advocate for life for the most heinous of criminals also advocate for the free ability to kill an unborn child in the womb. The hypocrisy here is stunning.

I believe that once a person does a crime so heinous, with malice and lack of remorse, that person has turned in their "human card". The certain leftists like to treat animals like people. We put down animals that maliciously attack people. See, I used their logic against them. People like the monster in Colorado that killed 12 people and ruined the lives of many, many more deserve to die if convicted for their crimes, if for no other reason than to rid the world of their evil presence. God will judge ultimately, we are just to arrange the meeting in certain cases. I'm not saying that the justice system couldn't use a tune up in other areas, but once one has deprived someone of their God-given right to life in a malicious manner and without afterthought, one should assume room temperature. Too harsh? I don't care.

Sadly, Ernie Chambers duped many in Nebraska to follow him. That is the worst part about this. The most bigoted politician in the state and maybe in the whole country hoodwinked a state to follow him. Those that did should be held to account at the ballot box if they went against the will of their constituents.

Once those that advocate for the death penalty abolition also advocate for the abolition of abortion, I'll relent. Until that point, I won't concede this point. The ones who supported the repeal in Nebraska are on the wrong side of this issue.

Finally, I do take a small amount of comfort that the thug that killed Omaha Police Officer Kerrie Orozco is worm food. He received a just punishment. Many in the state of Nebraska will no longer see that proper administration of justice. Maybe there is a reason Texas is growing so fast. There, when you kill someone, they kill you back. You can't tell me that doesn't deter a few of those criminals that might choose to commit murder in the first degree.

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