Saturday, June 20, 2015

Disturbing News Doesn't Matter to Obama, Unless it Does

I'm tired of the cherry picking of the news by those in power. All that matters to those that are in charge is how that news is spun. White guy kills many black people, rightfully a big story. Black people killing each other in many greater multitudes in inner city America, not so much. Why? Follow along.

On the evening of June 20th, 2015, just days after the shooting in a historically black Charleston, South Carolina church, there were two more mass shootings. One in Philadelphia involving nine people and one in Detroit affecting at least ten. Their difference, unless a white guy did it, will be the lack of the ability to add to the leftist narrative of racism and easy access to guns as the reason these things happen. You notice that the president said nary a peep in regards to the violence happening in his adopted home town of Chicago, Thursday, June 18th, saw sixteen people shot with three killed in violence in the streets of the Second City. Did Obama or Bloomberg or Shannon Watts or any of the other usual exploiters of certain types of violence send out even a press release about this while "mourning" for those lost in Charleston? Nope.

In my mind, the difference between a disgusting twenty one year old white supremacist from Columbia, South Carolina and a gang banger on the streets of Chicago is actually very small. Neither specimen is worthy of spending any more time using up oxygen. Violence like this needs to be dealt with and not in a kind or warm and fuzzy way. Criminals convicted of murder, beyond a reasonable doubt, should meet what is called justice in the Republic of Texas. Especially those that have show a complete lack of repentance and are boastful of their deeds. The meeting with their maker should be arranged and then they should be dispatched and never spoken of again. Once you take another individual's rights from them, you stop deserving your own rights.

To the mind of the progressive leftist, the two are completely different. One is a downtrodden societal outcast that had no other life to turn to (read: gang banging thug to the rest of us). The other is a product of white privilege that has chosen to incite a race war. The former is just the narrative cooked up to excuse thugs in the inner city and allow police departments to cover up the actual number of violent crimes against people and personal property. The latter, a way to actually gin up the race war the perpetrator actually sought to start. Both need to be corrected

What all this says to me is the whole #blacklivesmatter, #gunsense, #UniteBlue crowd of feces mixers are nothing more than a bunch of leftist ne'er-do-wells who never actually learned to think for themselves. They are led by people on the left that are bound and determined to use certain crimes to advance an anti-liberty agenda against the Bill of Rights. Namely, their problems are with the First, Second, Fourth and Tenth Amendments. These Amendments, along with the whole Bill of Rights, serve to limit government reach into the everyday citizens' lives. This dissolving of our rights must not be allowed to stand. If, on the other hand, you are a Marxist who sees the individual as being subservient to the state, the complete and total dissolution of the individual is the ultimate goal.

I see a different way. I see the individual being respected by the government for what he is. The ultimate expression of the intention of the founders to keep government out of the business it didn't belong in. That was the whole reason for the founding of this country. There was really no other reason for the colonists to throw off the burdensome yoke of the British Empire other than that of the yearn for self government.

If, as the left believes, the individual is not worthy of respect, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Perhaps, with more respect afforded from birth, each individual would know that they are worth something more than just being part of a group. With respect for the individual comes the responsibility to be good to one another. Schools teach victim-hood rather than perseverance. Why? It goes back to what the central theme of this piece. Leftism is about a certain way of controlling the people through any means necessary. It is time for this to stop.

The time for good and independent people to rise up is now. Start at the local level. Get rid of progressives(from either party) in your local government. Speak up. Then keep that momentum going toward the state and then the national level. Good people can make a difference but we must quit believing people that have shown no ability or want to actually make a stand. Support the Article Five Convention of States. The government must be reigned in. Call your local, state and national representatives and let them know of your ideas and of your opposition to anti-liberty legislation and policy. I'm in. Join me.

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