Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My vision for this Republic.

Having moved to the Washington DC metropolitan area, this weekend I had the opportunity to go to DC for the first time in my almost 35 years. I was taken aback by the size and grandeur of the myriad government buildings. While I understand having memorials to our war dead and an impressive capitol and executive residence, the sheer size of the bureaucracy is really what hit me.

One whole block downtown is dedicated to the Internal Revenue Service, for example. This monolithic building is an example of the waste our government generates, figuratively and literally. There is a totally separate, yet equally immense building that houses the IRS's parent, the Department of the Treasury. Our government has become a model of corruption on the backs of the American people, in no small part, due to the inefficiency of a giant behemoth where the right hand doesn't know that it even has a left hand, let alone, what that left hand is doing.

Don't get me wrong, I want the United States of America to return to her place as the preeminent power in the world, but adding non military federal departments with mass amounts of federal workers that are net tax sponges isn't the way to do it. Continuing to prop up failure in the way of wealth redistribution is not the way. Continuing to allow some businesses that can afford to buy off the president with extravagant golf outings or Jay Z appearances doesn't jibe either.

I see a system where privatization of many services could increase efficiency. I see a system that does away with baseline budgets. I see a system where the IRS doesn't even exist any longer. I see a system of a simple tax code where there are no deductions and a simple, flat rate. I see a system of a truly fair consumption tax replacing all income taxes. I see a system where the largest federal budget items are those that are constitutionally mandated. I see us scrapping the name of the "Department of Defense" and going back to the "War Department". We haven't won a war since we went to the more politically correct name.

I see a system where we strengthen laws against bad business practices and do away with confiscatory license fees. I see a system where the individual is free to succeed or fail with no government intervention. I see a system where power companies are free to build to capacity rather than hope the current grid and generation capacity pleases the EPA kingmakers. I see a system where farmers produce all they can and are free to sell it to anyone at any price they can negotiate. I see a system where each state is free to try their own programs, or not. I see a system where success of those that came from nothing is no longer the enemy of those that are already successful. I see competition making business better and stronger, not government picking the winners and losers. I see no minimum or maximum wages. Novel concept, someone actually negotiating their own wages, huh,

I see a system where many government held lands are free up to be sold to the citizens for personal use. The federal government owns more than half of the American West. Just think what cheap land would mean for ranchers and people looking to get out of congested cities. I see a land where the EPA can't tell a land owner with a puddle on their land that they can't make their own land usable. I see a system where the government has no right to anything on private land. Period.

I see a system where I can go into a hospital or doctor's office and negotiate my own healthcare. I see a system where medicine is unburdened by regulation so that doctors may make enough money and not have to devote so many of their resources to paperwork and compliance. I see a system where charity is encouraged and government involvement is discouraged. I see a system where a kid that has a lemonade stand is free to do it everyday, should his little heart desire.

I see a system where innocent life is valued over that of the life of a murderous criminal. I see a system where our children are directed by their parents and not some government directed school. I see a system where peaceful people can practice their faith, or lack of faith, freely. I see a system where I can travel without being molested by an unqualified federal brownshirt. I see a system where people that might commit acts against our country aren't allowed to enter the country in the first place. I see a system where immigration of all kinds is stopped for at least 10 years until we get our borders in check. I see a system where our border is define, defended and nearly impenetrable. I see a system where every illegal alien found is taken back to the country of their origin and the country of origin billed for the flight home. That will get some of these third world, failed state types to clean up their own litter boxes, so to speak.

In summary, I see a Republic of the several States that our founders envisioned. I just wish more people in the swamp that is Washington, the District of Columbia, agreed with me. Do you agree? If so, write your Senators and your Representative. Call them at 202-224-3121. Make your voice heard. Find your Senators and Representative on Twitter. Tweet them and let them know what your thoughts are.

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