Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our Great National Sacrifices Disregarded

I spent another Sunday in Washington DC. I went with the intention of taking in another museum and ended up going to the World War II memorial, the Civil War Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I was so struck by the each memorials' reverence and especially at "the Wall", the solitude and solemness. The National Mall, book ended by the US Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, is a beautiful and historic place.
Old Glory on Flag Day

The World War II Memorial

Today, part of national mall was also sullied by a celebration of decadence and personal aggrandizement that was a direct affront to the sacrifices memorialized just a mile away. "Pridefest" was taking place in Washington DC today. People walking around in all states of undress, making everything about themselves, made me realize just how far our culture has fallen. The current climate of making privileges into rights has left no room for those that don't think of themselves first. Service to your fellow man has been replaced with "I feel" and these "feelings" are all about shutting off debate and making the normal into the abnormal and vice versa.

The juxtaposition was quite striking. Vietnam veterans leaving mementos to their long lost brothers and the LGBT mafia pushing their brand of hate and state authorized depravity within one mile of one another.

I, for one, will push back. What someone does in the confines of their bedroom is no business of mine. What someone does in the public square is open to criticism. No one would go to "Pridefest" if it wasn't about them. "Look how tolerant/gay/fabulous I am" is the thought of those that attended that affront to traditional values. I don't want for government to outlaw speech but I want those that don't agree with the lack of respect shown by the LGBT mafia to speak their minds. If I would have walked to the streets of DC today with an "I'm White, Straight and Proud" shirt, I would have been verbally accosted and possibly physically assaulted but if I would have know that the LGBT mafia was out in force, it would have been well worth the risk to my personal safety to make an example out of their brand of one-way tolerance.

In the coming days, the Supreme Court will decide whether homosexual marriage is the law of the land or if it will continue to be a state's rights issue. If they come down on the side of the LGBT mafia, our country will be irrevocably harmed. The state will then have license to restrict free exercise of religion and speech. They will effectively strike the first amendment from the books without the power to do so.

I urge you to pray for our leaders, including those in the Supreme Court and even the guy that I can't stand in the White House. We still have 19 months until some one else will reside in the peoples' house and those of us that treasure the United States of America and its unique founding and way of life need to stand firm, with a resoluteness that doesn't bend. Those of you that consider yourselves to be patriots need to make your voice heard.

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