Monday, May 4, 2015

Offensive Speech Must Be Protected

The events in Garland, Texas on Sunday, May 3rd have brought the media's hypocrisy to near unthinkable heights. Many media outlets say that the two Jihadis who attempted to kill people involved with a free speech event aren't really responsible. They were baited into attempting to kill people. It was the fault of the organizers of this event and not the fault of the two Islamic extremists. This is patently false. Our nation's Bill of Rights intended that all speech be protected. What most people seem to forget is non-offensive speech is not what needs protection. It is offensive speech that was to be explicitly protected. Feelings of offense have no business being allowed into a political discussion of liberty.

Something that has become clear to me is radical Islam is incompatible with free speech and liberty in general. Sadly, I also think that most so-called moderate Muslims are complicit with the radical elements in their faith. Their silence is their undoing. When Christians do wrong, other Christians condemn their actions. The same is true for Jews, Hindus and Buddhists. I think we need to stop seeing Islam as a faith and belief system and start seeing it as the radical fascist political ideology that it is. Radical Muslims aligned themselves with Hitler in World War Two and the Nazi-like ideology of modern radical Islam has not strayed from that fascist mindset. We fought the Nazis all over the world and even here at home. It is time we fight the radical Islamic ideology in defense of liberty with the same zeal and fortitude.

Sadly, on a national governmental level, this fight will likely be put on hold until the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue leaves in 19 months. Our Dear Leader has shown a propensity to side with anti-liberty zealots when it suits his anti-colonial, anti-American world view. This is one of those cases. He even said "the future must not belong to those that slander the Prophet of Islam". I'm done uttering the man's name.

With the Supreme Court upholding the disgusting Westboro Baptist Church's right to protest military funerals, there should be no other ruling needed to uphold the rights of anyone and everyone to say anything they want. I may not agree with a person, but there should be no effort to shut them up. Free speech is a historical and important tenant that was codified in the First Amendment to the Constitution this country. Offensive speech must be protected, no matter who protests. Those that resort to violence in an attempt to shut down speech of any kind need to be dealt with harshly and swiftly and to the maximum allowed by law.

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