Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I woke up this morning with a pit in my stomach for my country. On the other hand, I'm more energized for God than at any time in my life. You might ask how I can feel both ways, simultaneously. It's a good question.
I spent yesterday knocking on doors in Georgia for Ted Cruz with great people. Allison Bontrager almost made me spit my iced tea all over my dashboard with one text message(inside baseball). I then spent the evening with my friends and a family that they were staying with outside of Milledgeville, Georgia. For just a while, I forgot politics. We laughed. I saw kids playing and having fun. We all shared a meal together. I saw God living through so many people. It's people like these that I feel called to serve.
I'm becoming more convinced everyday that what America needs, more than a different president or political party in power, is a different outlook. We need to get back to being neighbors. We need to get back to showing concern for the actual spiritual well being of others. When I spend time in the company of good and loving people, I see what we should be turning toward.
We must seek God's face. As Christians, we must stop only asking for His hand when we need assistance. This has not failed me since coming back to a walk with God, that when I pray and seek His face, my path is illuminated and my burden is lessened.
I spoke out of emotion and a bit of anger last night regarding a few recent experiences and when Chelsy said something to me about it, I stopped and reflected. She was right. Everyone has worth, just some of us are lost and need direction. Either we get our direction from the world and continue to be lost or we get it from knowing Jesus. There are only those two paths.
No matter what happens in this election cycle, I have been profoundly impacted by who I've met and what I've learned. I won't stop fighting for what I believe. Only now, this belief is grounded in a faith that has brought a peace to my heart. This peace has also allowed me to be unafraid to speak the truth when people are perpetuating a false narrative. I call for all people to be fearless when speaking truth to power. Do not change your message to suit your audience.
I ask you to join me in praying for our country and for one another. We need to find our way back.

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