Saturday, February 6, 2016

Onward to South Carolina

Monday, February 1st, was the culmination of months of work in Iowa. The Cruz campaign did the hard, but rewarding work to win the Iowa Caucuses. Sitting around the TV at the Dutch Country Inn in Kalona, the sheer joy on the faces of my friends's faces was all the actual reward I needed.
Fast forward to Thursday, February 4th. I received a call that continued to reinforce my knowledge that this campaign, this cause for electing a Christian Constitutionalist, was blessed by God. I was notified that I would be able to go to South Carolina and continue my work for Ted Cruz. I will do my very best to make sure I don't waste this opportunity and let down those people that have put so much trust in my abilities to reach voters. I will talk to any and all voters of South Carolina. I will talk to them as someone who has had the chance to actually get to know Ted Cruz. 

I'm so glad that I will see so many friends too. Monday will be an Iowa reunion, so to speak. I can't wait to see Daniel Bradshaw, Lyndsey Blagrave, Bryan English and the Bontrager family. I've also counted my blessings as I'm writing this from my mom's place in Columbia, MD. I'll travel the rest of the way to South Carolina on Sunday.

My goal in South Carolina is to continue actually talking to voters. I'm not interested in just asking them to vote for Ted Cruz. I want to get to know them. God willing, I will be able to convey my knowledge from attending 24 Iowa campaign events with Ted to the voters in South Carolina. I ask for your prayers for all of us traveling from all over the country to the various campaign offices in South Carolina.

#CruzCrew #CruzToVictory

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