Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why I Can Never Support Donald Trump

You all know who I support for president. Ted Cruz has been my chosen candidate from the first time I met him. I gave the others a chance and no one else speaks for me the way Ted Cruz does. He is morally clear. He is consistent. He is a Christian man who doesn't mock our Risen Lord. He embraces his faith and when he quotes from the Bible, you know that he knows what he is talking about. Ted is also a constitutional scholar. He uses the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as the basis for all of his policy arguments and standpoints. He has fought to hold up our natural rights and he acknowledges that our rights don't come from man, but from Nature's God. He's a pretty easy guy for me to support. I've been pouring all of my efforts into his campaign since September. He is everything that Donald Trump is not. Follow along.

Donald J. Trump. I'm to the point now that the even his name makes my skin crawl. As I delve deeper into Mr. Trump's past, I keep finding more things that raise huge red flags.

Donald Trump supports "touch back amnesty". He has said that while he wants to deport all of the illegal aliens currently residing in the United States, the good ones would be back "very" soon. What is the point of deporting them to their home country if you are only going to let them come back "soon". Ted Cruz has never supported citizenship status for those that have entered out country illegally. Rule of law matters.

The issue of illegal immigration is the Donald's central issue. It seems like he could, at the very least, be more coherent on the subject.

Now, to the pet crony corporatist issue in my state of Iowa. Iowans have been led to believe that they aren't able to provide from themselves so government must mandate that corn ethanol be used in nearly all gasoline sold in the United States of America. There are many arguments for and against its effectiveness as an internal combustion engine fuel additive. I don't care about those. I care that the market is being artificially propped up by government. Ted Cruz wants to phase out the requirements over a five year schedule but he also wants to remove the current regulatory hurdles that plague all facets of the US energy industry. He also wants to do away with all preferential treatment for any and all segments of the energy industry. This would effectively reduce the power of lobbyists in Washington DC and even here in Des Moines. I'm all for it. Don't believe me, check this out.

The Donald, on the other hand, has seen this as an issue of political expediency. He never said a word about ethanol until Ted Cruz started to pull ahead in Iowa. It was then, he decided to kiss King Corn's ring and wed his corn silk like Combover to the Iowa branch of the Washington Cartel. Add to that, Sarah Palin's rambling endorsement of the Donald after also endorsing the worst Republican governor in the United States, one Terry Branstad, over a good man in Bob Vander Plaats and you have a full blown establishment cabal on your hands. Oh, and Branstache's son, Eric "I never met a government program I didn't like" Brandstad, works for the crony corporatist lobbying group, Americans for a Renewable Future. Ain't corruption and nepotism grand?

These are only just a few of the reasons from the domestic policy angle on why I think Trump is just as dangerous as any Democrat. In fact, I don't see a real dimes worth of difference in the two. National Review agrees with me.

Here's where it become personal to me. I know Ted Cruz. I've spent more time in Iowa with Ted Cruz than anyone except his national staff and the Iowa campaign director, Bryan English. I've been to almost every corner of the state with him. I know his father. I've met his wife, Heidi. I know he misses his daughters when he is on the campaign trail. I would crawl over broken glass with a knife between my teeth for this man.

Donald Trump's personal attacks on Ted Cruz are beyond the pale. To randomly attack someone's faith when you, yourself, can't even quote a verse from the Bible printed in front of you is disgusting. To parade your Bible like it is a prop is even more disturbing. To those of us Christian believers that are saved by grace through faith in a Risen Lord, Donald Trump's words are empty and even blasphemous. He's free to use such language but he must also be held to account by Bible believers everywhere. To see the difference in how Ted Cruz sees his faith, click here.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect to Donald Trump's belief system is his acceptance of abortion. He says he doesn't like the practice but in a 1999 interview with Tim Russert on Meet the Press, he said he was very pro choice, even to the point of allowing partial birth late term abortions. The procedure is so barbaric that it makes me sick to my stomach. Donald Trump is at peace with abortionists delivering a nearly full term baby to the point of being next to completely outside of the birth canal and then sucking the infant's brains out. This issue is enough for me to never, and I mean NEVER, support Donald Trump. As you may know, I am the uncle to a preemie nephew. I wrote about my personal pro life story here.

If Donald Trump had demonstrably come to a new found faith in Jesus Christ and repented from his sins (he says he doesn't need to), then I would believe him when he says his views have changed. Since the Bible says in Matthew 7:20   Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. I know that I've changed since rededicating my life to Jesus. There is no evidence of the same in Donald Trump. If he fell to his knees and asked for God's grace through Jesus Christ, I would happily welcome him into the faith and I would consider his new found "religion" a positive. Until that point, I will consider him to be someone outside of a true relationship with Jesus. Rather than giving Donald Trump credence in this presidential race, Christians should focus on praying for his soul, that he might be saved.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this verse. Proverbs 29:2   When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

Let us turn away from our wicked ways and elect a good man for the highest office in our land.


  1. Preach! This is true and people need to know the TRUTH!

  2. This is fabulous. Couldn't agree more!

  3. Wonderfully said, I only wish those who say, they are christians and are voting for Trump; would at least read this post.


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