Thursday, December 3, 2015

An Update from Iowa

Senator Ted Cruz with Congressman Louie Gohmert in an Iowa gas station. 100 people showed up in a town of 600. Good thing the fire department didn't show up.
I feel the tide moving here in Iowa. I've been to multiple campaign events with Ted Cruz over the last few weeks and we are now looking for larger venues. My fellow members of the Cruz campaign here in Iowa keep impressing me with their dedication. Our county chairs, field directors and office staff are beyond dedicated. I've seen several put in multiple 14 or 15 hour days. Speaking for myself, I've been at campaign events until after midnight and then had to drive 4 hours through a blizzard to get home and I'd do it again.

Ted Cruz in Bettendorf, IA(The best campaign stop I've ever seen, by the way)

Politics is an odd thing. I've talked to reporters from the New York Times, Politico, 9News in Denver, the Cedar Rapids Gazette, the Des Moines Register and many local TV stations. I've done on camera work for a commercial. Much of this is quite odd for someone that is used to just being a voter when it comes time to vote every fourth November. Senator Ted Cruz and his family have inspired me to be involved and I don't see myself going back to the old, complacent way of approaching politics. 

We can all be involved. Maybe not to this level, but on some level. We all need to pay heed to what is being done in our names in Washington, DC, our State Houses and even our local politics. As Rush Limbaugh says, everything has a root in politics. I urge you all to stand and be counted.

I won't write too much more but the following needs to be said.

Daniel Bradshaw made these two pies(oven provided by the Bontrager Family of Kalona) for the Marion Ave Baptist Church Pie Auction to benefit the Live Animal Christmas Play. He brought in $150.

I want to thank Lyndsey Blagrave(Hardest working person I've met and she always has a word of encouragement to be shared.), Daniel Bradshaw(He made two Ted Cruz logo pecan pies for the Marion Ave Baptist Church Pie Auction and a he's True Patriot!), Blue Hybner(He thinks 32 degrees is cold. He ain't seen nothing yet.), Caleb Bryant Humphrey(He's little nutty about guns and the West Wing, but in a conservative way.) and Alex Seavey(She laughs at the start of a joke, not so much at the end.) for their absolute commitment to helping Senator Ted Cruz win here in Iowa. They are all young people that I've come to know through their efforts here in Iowa and they are all away from home. They are to be commended for their great personal sacrifice to drop everything and come to Iowa with no family, only to find a group of people ready to greet them with open arms. Any time I need something or have information to share, they are ready to help. I will miss every one of them once this experience is over after February 1st and we all have to go our separate ways. Bryan English needs to be commended too. He is the Iowa campaign director and is a good and honorable man. He isn't your typical slimy politico. He's a Christian family man who just happens to have a great passion for God, Iowa and our country.

I'll write more of an update after this Saturday's Rising Tide Summit in Cedar Rapids. It is going to be a big event and Ted Cruz will light the place on fire(figuratively, of course).

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