Saturday, December 5, 2015

A New Perspective

Today, a new perspective washed over me. I was talking to a former member of the Iowa State Republican Central Committee who had resigned in order to endorse Ted Cruz for President. As a State Central Committee member, he had to remain impartial until the nominee is named. He told me he could no longer sit on the sidelines after he had just held his 7 month old grand niece. He was afraid for her future. At that moment, I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I thought of my 17 month old nephew, Wyatt.

I want my nephew to grow up in a free and prosperous country where he can achieve anything with the only limitation being his own desire. I want him to grow up in a country that is secure from outside attack and free from those who may want to bring her down from the inside. I want him to be able to go to church and worship with no repercussions. I want him to be able to keep more of what he earns so that he can provide for his own family one day. I fear that is being lost. He is why I fight. My friends and family are why I fight. I have met so many great young people over the past few months of being a part of this campaign. They deserve better too.

I fight in the arena of ideas now. Ted Cruz has shown me how. Use other's words against them when needed. Show them the error of their ways without ever striking a physical blow. There is a better way and it can be done by following me, by following us. I urge every reader of this to get off their couch and be a leader, even if you are only leading one other person. Be a fisher of men, so to speak. Can you reach everyone? Nope. But those than can be reached need to know you are there and you aren't going away.

For so long, people have been following fads. Whether it be a fad diet, a fad workout, a fad style of dress or a fad in who to vote for. I am done following fads and celebrity. I'm here to follow an actual leader and in doing so, become a leader myself. Some are afraid to speak out. I don't really understand that fear but the time is now to stop being persuaded by a snake oil salesman or a person promising to give you everything for free. Now is the time to stand with someone that respects you as an individual. After all, the individual is the only minority that really matters. Join me in helping Ted Cruz become the next president of the United States. You might even learn something about yourself along the way.

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