Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Governing (Said An Octave Lower)

Senator Ted Cruz(R-TX) speaking before Iowa voters

As I've said before, being involved with a campaign has been quite educational, to say the least. I've attended Republican Party events, both around Iowa City and Johnson County and across Iowa. There is a marked difference in the type of people that are Ted Cruz supporters, staff and volunteers and the run of the mill Republican party types. Our people are ready to run through walls and crawl over broken glass to help Ted Cruz because they see him as someone who will not back down when the going gets rough and he will be committed to the principles he holds. In meeting with him away from the media, I can confirm that to be true. That is what I find so refreshing about Ted Cruz. He is who he is and it doesn't change when a camera or prospective voters are in front of him.

Contrast this to your typical Republican party apparatchik. This kind of person is concerned with keeping the Party in power, no matter who the candidate is. I used to agree with this "party over person" mantra. After seeing Washington, DC up close and being around members of the party at local and state levels, I can no longer do this. The party needs to start being committed to something other than just doing a better job of managing the decline of this great nation. I guess the best way to describe why I'm a party member is this: I am a Republican because it is a means to achieve a goal, not the goal itself.

Local Republican leaders in many counties are just involved so they can say they are involved. Frankly, their lack of principle is appalling. All they are interested in is being in charge. Nothing more. Reform is not something that falls into their lexicon. Many are content to manage the decline of a great nation, so long as they are in power. This makes my head hurt with the power of thousand migraines.

I live in a state now that is mainly led by corporatists. Many of the Democrat and Republican elected officials are just fine with wasting huge amounts of money, all while protecting certain hand-picked businesses and causes. They put the weight of government behind lobbied interests, all in the name of "governing". I've had it. Either come out of the closet as a big government progressive that wants to control people and business or find a backbone and stand up to these evil ways of doing government business as usual. I want to use another reference about a bathroom but I will refrain because kids may read this.

I will remain a member of the Republican party but I will only support candidates that I think are the embodiment of what I hold true. Limited government, low taxes, religious liberty, a strong national defense and foreign policy and reformed(preferably shuttered) regulatory agencies at the federal level. I encourage you to support, either by volunteering or monetarily, only candidates that share your values. Give nothing to a party that doesn't share your values until they see the error of their ways.

Only one person running has shown that he has the backbone to get this done. His strength is contagious, as you saw in the last debate when, with one unprepared answer, he won the debate while standing up for the other people on stage with him. That man is Ted Cruz. I urge you to support Ted Cruz. His support base in Iowa is growing exponentially, as it is across the nation. The people backing him come from all walks of life, unlike some supposedly preordained candidates that can only manage 4 volunteers out of 70,000 phone calls. I average 1 volunteer for about 35 phone calls. The other ratio is 1 in 17,500. The difference is quite telling. People are getting to know Ted Cruz for the person he is rather than the person the establishment has labeled a whacko bird. Count me as a whacko bird if you want but don't count on my support if you run squishy candidates that campaign as conservatives, yet once in office, GOVERN(imagine this said in a baritone voice) as progressives.

Read about the #CruzFlatTax plan.

Ted Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz and me at an event in Iowa.

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