Monday, November 9, 2015

A Call to Action

As I sit here late at night, I find myself pondering a vexing thought. Why do people not want to be involved in the future of their country? I talk to so many people that are content to go to work, go home and then do it all over again with no concern about how the government or society writ large confine them to a life of nothing more than indentured servitude to a failing system run by an ever growing state.
A small group of patriots can change the world.

That last sentence might sound harsh but I think it needs to be said. I see people, like a few of the volunteers and staffers I've met while working with the Cruz campaign. They are all in. They take their task seriously. I think they will be OK, no matter what happens because they see the problem. They are resourceful and smart. The people I refer to are many of the ones I call on a daily basis to see if they would be interested in helping out a campaign to save the Republic. Many say variations of these pathetic answers: "I might help if I thought I could make a difference but..." or "I don't have time" or "I don't like politics".

Let me address those points. First, everyone can make a difference. If you can get a few of your friends to go to the polls or, as is the case here in Iowa, the caucuses, you can make a difference in your area. You could get elected to the county convention. You could be elected to central committee for your party and help change a feckless social club into a group dedicated to actual reform. It takes little time and it can make a huge difference. Inject some younger and more principled blood into the party system. Push out those that have become fat and happy.
Don't be content to sit and go through the motions.

Secondly, if you don't have time to positively help the coming generations start to turn this place we call America around, make sure you aren't in the way when those of us that do push for change make our move. Frankly, I'm sick of people making excuses for why they don't have time to be involved. Take your children with you. Show them that they can be involved in the community. Perhaps, you are busy with church. Have you stopped to think that what you are doing with your church may someday be illegal or be forced underground? Why not step up and be a force in your community? If you don't do it, it may not get done.

I hear this so much. "I don't like politics." Frankly, that statement is a load of bovine excrement. Everything is politics. Period. How much your income is taxed. How much you pay to register your car every year. How you can protect your home and loved ones. How you practice your faith. How you can use your own property. How you raise your family. All of these can be jeopardized by not participating in politics and allowing those who would lord over you to remain in power. If you don't like politics, you don't like having a say in the way you live your life, free from government intervention. Think of politics as Hollywood for the ugly(as Ted Cruz says, I resemble that remark). Get out and start starring in your own production or be and extra with a big production, but for God's sake, don't sit at home and be content with just being a spectator.

One big reason conservatives have trouble mobilizing is we are our own people and we tend to shy away from group goals. Don't think of this campaign as a group goal. Think of it as a gift to your children. Get off your hind quarters and help us.  Help your children and your children's children.

Don't let the forces of collectivism keep marching toward their end goal of a totalitarian state. Don't let someone tell you what to say or what language you have to avoid, in the interest of political correctness. Don't let someone, for reasons I don't care about, tell you what to think. Stand up to political bullies. Be the squeaky wheel. Be the reason for reform. Don't shut up.

One caveat. If you are just getting involved to throw around your own power or you are just interested in telling others how good you are, change your attitude before getting involved. You need to be more concerned with others before you can truly have the heart of a servant that it what it takes to reach people. DO NOT be the guy that thinks he can be everything to everyone. If you get involved, don't take it lightly. Be steadfast in your commitment to the cause of Liberty. Don't be afraid to find the good when it is evident. Don't be afraid to call out sellouts and fakes. Be courageous.

The reason I got involved wasn't for my resume or career enhancement, outside of supporting someone that would reduce the government's roll in my life and pocket book. The reason I got involved is because of people like my little 16 month old nephew, Wyatt. I want to leave a better country to him. Ponder on this query. Do you want to leave a better country to the next generation? Or not?

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PS: Thank you to a few young people I've met over the past few months that have revived my faith in humanity. Daniel, Blue, Lyndsey and Alex are great examples of why I work to help reignite the fires of liberty in this great nation. They deserve better than what we have right now and I'm determined to do my part.

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