Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Progressive Hypocrisy and the LGBT Mafia

The state of Indiana has done something that many extremist Islamic countries have not been able to. They have made the LGBT Mafia attack. Indiana's attempt to protect the religious beliefs of Hoosiers has made the leftist LGBT lobby go absolutely insane, even if it was a short trip, but I digress. What bothers me so much is this same group of anti-Christian bigoted leftists say little to nothing when an Islamic country or terrorist group decides to kill people for being homosexual.

I don't condone the lifestyle of those outside the biblical definition of marriage but I also don't want to kill anyone over it either. Every individual deserves to have their right to life preserved. What this Indiana issue shows me is the the LGBT Mafia doesn't really care about the lives of those they claim  to protect. They are just interested in advancing their radical leftist agenda. Nothing more, nothing less. When a gay or lesbian couple go into a Muslim owned bakery and ask for a cake to be made to observe their union, I may reconsider my finding. 

The answer to this leftist ploy is to support Indiana and all other states that protect the speech and liberty of all forms of opinion, not just that of the radical, anti-Christian, blind to Muslim extremism LGBT left.

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