Friday, March 27, 2015

Life and Why Leftists Think So Little of It.

This week has brought up many negative feelings in me, but perhaps most troubling is the crime committed in Longmont, CO on March 16th, 2015. If you aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, it involves the heinous act of one Dynel Lane. She lured Michelle Wilkins to her home by advertising baby clothes for sale. Michelle Wilkins was 34 weeks pregnant when Lane forceably cut her unborn daughter from her womb and left the expectant mother to die, thereby killing the baby girl, who would have very likely be viable outside the womb with proper medical treatment. Luckily, Michelle Wilkins had enough life left in her to call 911 and direct emergency personnel to her location. She is recovering in the hospital. While it looks like she will recover physically from this disgusting and disturbing act, we don't know how long, if ever, it will take for her to recover mentally. I pray that this woman knows God and knows that Jesus loves her.

If this act was not sickening enough, Colorado has no fetal homicide law on the books. Leftist politicians in Denver have fought every attempt to rectify this issue fearing that it will endanger their holy sacrament of abortion. In this case, if the medical examiner in leftist Boulder County found no reason to believe that this little baby did not live outside the womb, the most serious charge would be attempted murder of the prospective mother. Lane would not face the first degree murder charge that she deserves. Boulder County also has a left wing District Attorney, one Stan Garnett, that saw to it that the outcome of this investigation would only yield the attempted murder charge. This case has made me sick to my stomach. A certain sect of people in this state feel the need to protect abortion over the rights of the unborn to the point where no law that sees to it that life, especially a life that was so dearly anticipated and wanted by this expectant mother, be protected. This same group of people make a huge deal when a land developer wants to kill a few prairie dogs.

Leftists think that humans are the root of all that is bad in this world because they, for the most part, think this is the end. Nothing better is to come. It is a mental disease, if you ask me. Without humans, there is no good or bad, there just is. God knows the human race is fallible(I'm first in line to confess to this) and yes, the human race has done bad things, but it is also responsible for art, music, speech, writing, philosophy, architecture, engineering, science, charity, and perhaps the greatest thing, love. Why some people don't see this, I will never truly know. I am highly suspicious of anyone that puts animals before humans. While I don't condone undue suffering and violence done to animals, they will never be human and don't deserve the same deference as a human. I believe that God intended us to be masters over the animals and in doing so, we should be just with them.

Having said all of this, Colorado has its priorities screwed up. Leftists would be up in arms if they heard of someone killing unborn or just born bear cubs or any other non-human animal, and rightfully so. They would want the full weight of the law to come down on who ever did that but they will allow no effort to protect the life of an unborn baby for fear that it might endanger the right to kill one's own unborn child. Our state and our country are severely morally bankrupt. These same people object to the death penalty for a criminal on the grounds that it would violate the violent criminal's human right to life. They have it backwards. All humans deserve a chance at life. Once a person commits a crime that is deemed horrific enough, they should be removed from the population. They gave up their right to life when they took the life of another with malice and forethought. This woman took the life of this little baby and she should never see the light of day. Perhaps, the cheaper and easier solution would be to put her in general population and let the other women in the prison know what she did and look the other way for a little while. That, in the end may be the most just thing that could happen to this animal. Dynel Lane turned in her membership in the human race when she killed Michelle Wilkins' daughter.

In order to rectify this error in Colorado's law, I urge anyone who reads this to call a Colorado Democrat lawmaker, especially those in the state House and our worthless governor, John Hickenlooper. 303-866-2346 is the phone number to the Colorado Speaker's office. Rep. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst is the Speaker of the House and represents part of Boulder County. I urge you to melt her phone line. Also, call Stan Garnett at the Boulder County DA's office and let him know of your disapproval. His number is 303-441-3730.

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