Monday, May 9, 2016

Where does America go from here?

Ask God to forgive our nation.
What I considered the most important election of my life time has now become a contest of two liars. I will sit this one out. I can no more vote for the lying Comb Over than I can vote for Monica's ex-boyfriend's wife. In this case, life didn't give us lemons to make lemonade out of. We've been given rotten cabbage and now both remaining candidates expect us to make lemonade out of that. Frankly(h/t CB and AB), it's impossible, folks. Lousy sauerkraut will never be lemonade.

My efforts will focus on reforming tearing down the current GOP power structure. When I have a hard time telling many GOP Representatives and Senators from the Democrats, there are issues. If you have a representative with no record of standing for smaller government and the Constitution, push that person out. Every Senator or House Rep should fear the voters, not take them for granted.

My involvement in this campaign season has given me access to many elected officials. They are just human beings, the same as any other. There is no reason to treat them any differently. They are subject to the same worldly pushes and pulls as any other person might be. Being elected doesn't make them "special". Because of their position of power, they must be held to higher standards. They chose to run for public office and they must answer to the voters.

The following are just a few of the ways I think we could help reform our country. Will it be easy? Nope. Do I think these ideas and points need to be brought to the forefront? Most definitely.

Another overriding issue is the lack of basic education amongst the electorate. My experience of canvassing all over the country has been quite telling. So many people that vote are incredibly misinformed or they are just plain stupid. Some are both. Many of these people have college degrees and couldn't think or reason their way out of a wet paper bag. There is no other way to put it. Our horrible public education system has failed to educate people in civics and constitutional government. The home schooled kids I know are so far ahead of their public and even parochial school peers, if a parent can do it, I see no other way to educate your kids. I know the government hates home schoolers because they don't control what these kids learn. I have never had constitutional discussions with public school students in the way I have with home schooled kids. I remember going to College Republican meetings at the University of Iowa to represent the Cruz Campaign and coming away scratching my head at the abject ignorance of the students involved with that organization. I know a home schooled 14 year old who is smarter than any College Republican I know. The same goes for his brothers and sisters too. The college students were only involved for resume enhancement rather than furthering the ideas of smaller government and liberty. When I posed small government ideas to them, their eyes glazed over. It really was frustrating.

The solution for our country's ignorant electorate will have to come from parents, not government. Government wants children to be compliant to socialism and politically correct speech. Parents will have to make the sacrifice to choose their children over vacations, cars and expensive houses. I know I might make some "liberated" people mad, but if you have children, everything else must come second. Don't get me started on people who think their pets are just as important as any child. There is no animal worth the future of a child.

Another issue that needs addressing is the new found easy voting trend in this country. Why do we have a month of early voting, or in some states, an all mail in ballot election? Donald Trump does say he loves the uneducated masses because they love him(I'll attest to that fact). Stupid people are compliant. Rather that making it easy to vote, I would love to see a caucus system instituted in every state. It encourages citizens to get involved. If you actually have to show up and listen to arguments from candidate representatives, you actually learn something about those candidates. If a candidate can't energize the actual grassroots voters, they will lose. Is it so bad to ask that people involved with choosing the direction of this country actually have to make an effort to do so?

There are many political issues that would be remedied by my above solutions. The ingrained governmental maladies that plague our nation are institutional and must be addressed in another way. The Constitution provides for an avenue to address these issues. The Constitution was intended to be the tie that bound the hands of government. It has since been left by the wayside. The only way that government will be reigned in will be an Article Five Convention of States to propose and ratify new Constitutional Amendments. There are many naysayers but those naysayers are highly invested in big government for one reason or another.

I only have a few issues to address with new amendments.

The first has to be term limits and compensation reforms for Congress. I have no problem with the yearly pay of a lawmaker. My issues arise with the compensation after they leave office. If there were no pensions after office, the decision to run for that office would be much more contemplative and lawmakers would have to go back to the private sector like our founders intended. Also, I firmly believe in a total term limit of 12 years in Congress. Whether that is two Senate terms or 6 house terms or any combination of the two, it makes no difference to me. Legislators must not enter into public service for a career. It should be a sacrifice. I don't care if Congressmen and Senators are forced to share old apartments in Washington, DC or not.

Secondly, I believe we must have an amendment doing away with baseline budgeting. Every dollar must be accounted for every year. Each federal department must be kept to a strict budget and waste must be eliminated. I believe we could fully fund our Department of Defense with our current level of funding if all the waste and fraud was eliminated from the federal budget process. A budget cut must be a budget cut, not just reduction in the rate of increase.

The same amendment dealing with baseline budgeting could also include a section to require a balanced budget to be passed every year except in times of Congressionally declared war.

I believe that these two Constitutional Amendments would solve nearly every institutional issue with the federal government. Others could be debated but these would be a good start toward restoring constitutional order in the federal government.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Church must return to Biblical preaching and teaching. I'm talking about the whole Body of Believers. I wrote about this just before Easter of this year. Find the post here. The Bible must be the center of preaching and teaching in the church for true revival to take place. This would solve nearly every cultural problem in this country.

If you believe as I do, I urge you to connect with like minded Christian patriots in your area. Form friendships with those people that share your ideals. We must band together to defeat the radical anti-Christian left and the progressive statists, supposedly on our own side of aisle.

Email me to find out how to be involved.

#AlwaysCruz #NeverTrump

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