Monday, May 2, 2016

The Indiana Primary

I spent the weekend working on the ground in suburban Indianapolis for the Cruz Campaign. I love this work. It was the most personally meaningful weekend of campaign work that I have ever done. More on that later.
An Indiana roadside strategy meeting of Cruz Crew members from all over the USA.

My seat of the pants assessments have been correct, so far. After working in Wisconsin, I felt confident and we won. After working a day or two in Kansas, I knew we would win and we Cruzed (I had to go there). I was confident in Iowa too but I knew half of the crew of thousands of volunteers and all of the staff in the state, so my internal gut check poll was spot on. On the contrary, after experiencing the hate and bigotry of the south, I was confident that they would ride the wave of unprincipled Trump support. I was correct in that assessment too. 

This all leads me to Indiana. My seat of the pants estimate is similar to Wisconsin. The poll numbers are all over the place. I'm not entirely sure what good those polls do. Some have Cruz up big, some show the same for Trump and one puts the race in a statistical tie. Put them in a blender and you come out with a tie. I think this is where our vaunted ground game comes in. We have what no other Republican has ever had. A true nationwide network of people that will drop everything and go anywhere to help Ted Cruz advance principles of limited government, strong national security, economic growth and personal freedom. Jobs, Freedom and Security. 
Proper literature placement is critical

The addition of Carly Fiorina to our campaign has energized many younger voters and was met with a good results when talking to most voters on the ground. She seems to do well among younger women especially and among people who actually pay attention to the direction of the country and want to fix what's wrong generally. Those who just want to tear things down(read Donald Trump supporters) couldn't care less.

It has become clear to me that the majority of Trump's support is not rooted in anything but moral bankruptcy. There is a general malaise in the country that Trump tapped into. I understand that part. This is where I may make some people mad. I think many people are leading such morally bankrupt lives that Trump makes them feel OK about their own situations. They see Trump as being this vulgar but strong figure that will push away any vestiges of moral society, thereby allowing them to continue in their sin filled ways without feeling any judgement or justice. It truly is a cult. No amount of evidence presented matters to them because they don't care about evidence or facts. Only Trump can solve. (I almost broke my own fingers as punishment for typing that last sentence).

Yesterday, in my Adult Bible Fellowship class in church, we talked about compromise. Compromise is a tool of the devil. I've known that in my core for many years. It has taken this election cycle to hone that knowledge to the point where I had to use it to cut through the mess that is the Trump cult. To compromise on deeply held, bible backed principles is sin. To engage in moral equivocation is sin. To let morally bankrupt people lead you astray is not biblical. Trump supporters must be called out. If I was being led astray, I would hope one of my friends would step in and steer me back in the right direction. I know my pastor would. 

When talking to Trump supporters, I always try to ask them why they support the con man Donald. Many respond with trite things that are more akin to what a cultist might respond with when defending their cult leader. When challenged to defend themselves in a meaningful way, they lash out with physical actions like door slamming, threats, vile language or lies. There is a manifest evil that has crept in. I know that the word evil is rarely used in modern society because it conveys something that is not talked about much but it must be applied in the case of TrumpCult.

Perhaps the greatest evidence of this evil showed up this weekend. I have a 14 year old friend who was a part of the group that I was door knocking with that distilled Trumpers, as he calls them, to their essence. He walked up to me after a particularly rude and hateful Trump supporter slammed a door in his face and said this, "Why are they so evil? Why are they so wicked?". I wish I could give him a concrete answer. His answer was correct. He said. "They need Jesus." To that, I can only add an Amen.

Indiana, you can be a firewall for liberty and decency. Stand up to the Trump cultists. Stand for what is right. Choose the light over the dark. Choose moral uprightness over moral bankruptcy. Choose good over evil. Choose Ted Cruz over Donald Trump. 

PS: I want to thank Marlin, Mitchell, Denver and Taylor Bontrager for all of their hard work over the weekend. It didn't seem like work to me because I was doing it with people that I've grown to care about and that share the same spiritual and patriotic goals as I do. Here's to another weekend on the campaign trail with friends.
At the taping of the Cruz/Fiorina Townhall in Indianapolis(to my left, your right, were Taylor, Denver and Marlin Bontrager)

Mitchell was in line to ask a question but they ran out of time

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