Monday, May 1, 2017


The GOP is worthless. Period. End of story.

With this latest budget battle being ceded to the left leaning establishment Republicans and the Democrats, the GOP has ceased to be of any use to conservatives. Why someone with a conservative view point, who holds fast to small government principles, would vote for a member of the GOP is beyond me.

Paul Ryan campaigned last year on the anti-establishment wave that swept through the party. Little did people who supported him and the shiny, combed over objection of cult affection know, but they were sold a bill of goods. This administration is fine doing things that only require executive action, but the administration of Donnie Smallhands has become a footstool for the establishment wing of the big government majority in the Republican party.

How can a party that controls every part of DC not pass a budget? If only voters had given the supposed small government party majorites in both houses of Congress and the White House...oh, wait, I guess voters did that very thing. The Constitution mandates that Congress send the President a budget, not a continuing resolution. We need to know where our tax money is going. We need to be able to call out the departments that need to be padlocked and scuttled. This nonsense of funding the whole Obama agenda is lunacy.

Planned Parenthood was not touched in the budget bill. Obamacare is fully funded. These two line items alone are totally unacceptable. I don't want to preached at by stupid people saying conservatives need to take control of the party and change it from within. The cancer is so widespread, if we excised the whole amount of the cancer from the party, the party would die. We are better off ditching this cancer ridden body and starting a new one.

I, for one, am totally on board with the new Federalist Party. I know the people involved. I trust the people involved and I look forward to doing work on the ground here in Iowa for this new party. It's time to start taking over city councils and county commisions. School boards and library boards. State House and State Senate races. We need to show the current two party duopoly that we mean business and if we start at the bottom, when we run a presidential candidate, it won't be a fool's errand.

I love what I've seen so far from this new party. There are different from other minority parties. Those other parties try to start at the top and run a presidential ticket and they always fail because they have no base and no ability to muster a massive nationwide ground game when the time is needed. The people in the Federalist Party are different. They realize that politics should be local. Once the local stuff is tended to, we can work to take back our state and federal governments from the big government forces in both parties. The Federalist Party knows that the 10th Amendment gives the states the power to do things the federal government should not be invovled in. Lets return to a federal government of defined and limited power.

I urge you to do the research and to join our efforts. Click here to check out the Federalist Party and learn how you can help us return to state's rights and individual liberty.

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