Friday, September 23, 2016

#NeverTrump, More Than Ever

Today was a dark and somber day in our political discourse. A man who I thought held the same principles I chose to fight for for the better part of a year caved to the cult that is Trump. I will no longer place so much confidence and hope in an earthly human, lest I be burned again. 

With Senator Ted Cruz's capitulation today, Donald Trump won. He destroyed Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz will no longer be able to speak out against the evils of Washington, DC with any sort of authority. He will now be tied, like it or not, to the most evil man to run for president in our life time. I knew Hillary was a disaster and when I moved to Iowa. I also found Donald Trump to be just as deplorable(Trumpcult likes that word).

I chose to immerse myself in the task of fighting progressive politicians in both parties last fall. I had never been more energized for an undertaking. Today, that energy ended. The next president will be a progressive statist and one of the clearest voices of opposition to the progressive agenda snuffed his light out today.

I saw whole churches corrupted by a con man. I saw people scream at small kids(my friends) because they were volunteering for someone other than their Cheeto faced messiah. I witnessed people who had pined for a movement conservative change overnight and support a quasi fascist thug. I will not join.

Many in my movement are now gone. They have decided, out of fear of one evil, to support another evil. It is just that simple. Neither of the candidates currently running are worthy of any American's vote. The fact that upwards of 90% of Americans who do vote will vote for one of these two awful people boggles my mind. When will Americans stand up and say we've had enough? If this election doesn't cause a huge upheaval in this country, nothing will. 

I'm here to advocate for peaceful civil disobedience of the next administration. It is long past time people advocating for smaller government were heard. We must reign in Washington for this nation to regain some semblance of freedom. Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins, my efforts will be centered on removing them from office. I will work across the aisle to see this happen. Both VP candidates would make decent place holders until we can truly vet and chose a decent candidate for 2020. 

I'm also going on record, right now, that I will not support anyone who ran in this primary cycle, should they choose to run again, including Ted Cruz. Would I vote for Ted if he was the nominee in the future, most likely, but I would support a primary candidacy of someone who didn't cave and bow to the cult of Trump if they met a minimum level of Constitutional values. I won't suggest who might run, but I will ferret out any support, either overt or covert in nature, of one Donald J. Trump. That will be my start for a litmus test for who I will support in future elections. 

Today was a bit cathartic. I left nearly every Facebook group I had joined in the last year. I blocked hundreds of Trumpcult members on Facebook and Twitter, many still spewing vile and awful things to a man who had just bowed to their perceived messiah. I saw many of the most active county chairs in the Cruz campaign sign off today. These were people who volunteered thousands of hours and gave thousands of dollars to a campaign because they thought the candidate spoke for them. Today, Ted Cruz stopped speaking for them.  It is comforting to know that the ones I'm closest to will stick to the principles we all hold dear. 

Do not get me wrong, I do thank Ted Cruz for acting like a principled candidate last year. The people I met during his run are the best people I know. Some are now the best friends I've ever had. We united around shared values. I was a backslidden believer until a man I met, because of a campaign meeting, asked me to come to church last year. When a friend of mine sends about 15 email sized texts to the group text I'm on with her family about how disappointed she was regarding what happened today, I take stock in knowing that we share principles and not a faith in human beings. God, through His word, has shown us what to do. I didn't follow what the Good Book said for many years, but now I've seen that if you place your faith in God and the grace provided through His Son, Jesus, no man will truly ever beat you, for even in death, there will be liberty if we know Jesus.

People who have decided to support Donald Trump are doing so out of fear. That is the only reason. There can be no other. They fear Hillary Clinton so much, they don't see the wolf in Republican clothing waiting to devour them. I, for one, choose to eschew fear for faith in a just and mighty God. I'm choosing to find my way by faith. I was lost for so long, I cannot afford to damage my conscience any longer. I need to clean it, not sully it with a vote for Donald Trump.


2 Timothy 1:7King James Version (KJV)

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.


  1. Matt,
    I know your disappointment and I wish I had the answers and the right words to make us both feel better. But you said something about your faith and how this experience has brought you closer to God and other believers. I share the same feelings. I honestly think that I was putting politics before God and my family. He showed me this and I have admitted it and asked for forgiveness. God is still in control and Ted's decision did not take God by surprise. He wants us to become more dependent on Him and to stop looking to earthly leaders. I think it broke Teds heart to know how we would feel. God is not done with him yet either. God's ways are not our ways. Proverbs 3: 5,6. Love ya brother.. #StillVotingMyConscience <3
    Tina Lawler...

    1. Tina, my concern is no longer for the nation. It is for His Church. The Church is being torn apart from within. Trump is a symptom of the lack of Biblical preaching in our churches. I believe we, as Christians, must stand against Trump. We will unite against a evil from outside, but Trump has infected the church from the inside and it must be removed now. I pray for Trump to lose in November.

  2. Matt, you are spot on. You spoke what I have been seeing and feeling and you said it much better than I. Thank you! I will continue to follow your writings. I have been grieved for some time now about the Church and I think that you have opened my eyes even more. God Bless. Proverbs 3:7


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