Sunday, July 10, 2016

Separate Yourself

Today, as I sat in church, the gravity of our place in history hit me right between the eyes.

Never before has the United States of America faced such a dim and horrible choice as what sits before us in this election season. That is why I'm here to offer a word of hope. Before you deride me, know this; I believe Christians should be involved in government and should actively seek office at all levels of government.

This is where my message of hope comes in. As it currently stands, there are no candidates for president worthy of a Bible believing Christian's vote. I believe a vote is an endorsement of what a candidate brings to the table. We are left with wicked and vile candidates. Christians should choose None of the Above. Instead, Christians must start living everyday for Jesus, just like it might be our last day on earth and what we did that day would have a lasting effect on who made it to heaven, because it just might.

Be understanding to the person waiting on you in the store or at a restaurant. They might just need someone to offer a word of encouragement. Be patient with those around you. Offer a helping hand. Pray unceasingly.

In the way of activism, I believe we must never stop speaking publicly to the truths put forward in the Bible. When worldly and godless people deride you, step up your speaking, don't back down. When civil government threatens to push back the teachings of the word of God, be prepared to offer up a message of love(not squishy, emotional love, but love of truth in Jesus). Don't be afraid of what may be said about you. Be consistent in your message. Don't be worried that you may offend someone. That person who takes offense to your words is likely the person who needs to hear the message the most.

Too many times, as Christians, we've decided that being kind is being what ever the world wants us to be so as to not offend anyone. We must stop this way of thinking. Being kind involves being firm in our reliance on God's plan even when it runs contrary to what the prevailing culture says is the way to go.

What I'm trying to get across is our need to take the message of Jesus to the world while living in a way that isn't of the world. We must be separated from the culture of vileness and wickedness. We must be willing to walk the narrow path even when we are told we aren't cool or hip. Just because some people have decided to replace God with anger, pride or envy, we must resist the temptation to do so. Be firm in your reliance on God.

Finally, pray for our nation.

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