Monday, June 20, 2016

Evil in the World

It is quite clear that we are living in a time where evil is becoming more personal. No longer are our battles fought across an ocean or around the world. Our battles are now being fought at home.
An American citizen of Southwest Asian descent with ties to ISIS, killed 49 people in the early morning hours today. The FBI knew of this terrorist from previous intelligence obtained through standard anti terrorism means. Political correctness killed a most politically correct group of people.
Today, a clash of progressive leftist causes occurred. The progressives have been radical Islamic apologists, all while promoting homosexuality. The two ideologies are as different as oil and water. In many theocratic Islamic states, like Iran, members of the LGBT community are regularly killed for being a part of a homosexual relationship. At the same time, progressives seek to absolve Islam of its global roll in perpetuating violence against non Muslims.
If the tolerance police seek to shut down Christians, who happen to disagree with this homosexual lifestyle, all while making excuses for Islamists engaging in terrorism, they have effectively pitted love against hate and they are on the side of hate.
True Bible believing Christians do not hate people who engage in sinful lifestyles because we are all sinners, but we do recognize that unrepentant sin separates us from God. We wish no one to be condemned for their sin, but we seek to bring them to Jesus Christ and a life of salvation through grace by faith in a resurrected Lord.
On the contrary, when a Muslim says that he disagrees with homosexuality and he believes the Koran, he then thinks that it's OK to kill homosexuals for doing what they are doing. The contrast couldn't be more stark. A Christian wants to bring the person separated from God to the knowledge of Jesus so they can live a life of victory in the Lord. An Islamist seeks to kill what displeases Allah. We hate sin but are called to love the sinner. Muslims hate the sinner and seek to kill the sinner for non obedience to Koranic law.
While I don't agree with the lifestyles of the people killed in Orlando, I choose to pray for their families. I also pray for the victims still in the hospital. There is no reason that any man or woman can't choose to turn away from sin. Any one of the people engaged in the lifestyle can call upon God to save them through faith in Jesus, repent and live a chaste life.
Islam, on the other hand, is a cult. I'm done playing around with this radical ideology. Islam is a political and social construct to keep people in a daze. If you follow the tenants of Islam, you are agreeing with the cult and all of its evil. I recognize there are nonviolent Muslims. If they truly thought they were the correct portion of their faith, there would have been a reformation event where they break away from the centuries old ideologies like stoning women, cutting off hands and throwing homosexuals off of buildings. That hasn't happened. The problem is Islam.
I recognize there are other evils in the world but there are over 1.5 billion Muslims. This issue must be dealt with. It is clear that war only changes things for a temporary amount of time. This isn't to discount the fact that groups like ISIS need to be dealt with justly in the near term but we must find a long term solution. I truly believe that a relationship with Jesus is the only thing that will solve the evil and hate in much of the Muslim world. True Bible believing Christians know that sin is wrong but we also know that love is the only way sin is conquered. I'm not speaking of the "feeling" kind of love. I'm referring to the love of Christ. Christian love is conscious decision to love some one and sacrifice for that person. Jesus sacrificed for all of us. He was the ultimate sacrifice. We need to tell people about Him. There is no substitute for the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

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