Tuesday, July 14, 2015

So Much For Peace Through Strength

Today, I find myself slipping into a rather morose mood. I fear for our country and our world. Our "leaders"(term used loosely) have seen fit to cozy up to a government that has imprisoned our citizens, funded proxy wars and generally fomented a climate of anti-Western and anti-Israel hate. John Kerry(Lurch), who served in Vietnam, have sold our allies down the river. Frankly, I think this may very well be our generation's Neville Chamberlain moment. "Peace in our time" was a load of crap when Chamberlain talked of his agreement with Hitler and I feel that this agreement with the Mullahs of Iran is a pact of the same sort now.

Barack Obama(Peace Be Upon Him) has shown his true colors in pushing for this catastrophic deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The media covers for him by saying that this deal is about his "legacy". What about the American legacy of standing up to tyrannical regimes? Iran has had the shackles removed from their economy. They don't have admit to any military nuclear research. Their underground network of fortified nuclear facilities won't even be touched in this agreement. The International Atomic Energy Agency will have no teeth in Iran. All the US government has done is give Iran cover for ten years.

A good barometer of this deal is Moscow's pleasant tone toward the deal. Vladimir Putin is happy to see the United States marginalize itself on the world stage. China has no disagreement with this either. We are doing what our enemies want and at the same time, we are putting in jeopardy the existence of the only actual free state in the Middle East. Israel is the first target of an empowered Iran. If you think otherwise, you are going through life with your eyes closed. I agree with Senator Ted Cruz when he said, "If someone says they want to kill you...believe them." The last six and half years of foreign policy have been as disastrous as the last six and half years of domestic policy. By the end of his term, Obama will have added around $12 trillion to our national debt, weakened our health care sector, gutted our military readiness, reduced our clout on the international stage and generally made our country less safe from both external and internal threats. Just ask Putin, he'll confirm that he is pleased.

With every passing day, I am more and more convinced that the problem with our government is a public that has given up its actual power. There is no more consent of the governed. Citizens are now more like subjects in a medieval kingdom. The landowners are the government bureaucrats with the elected officials serving as the nobility and our president serving as the effective monarch. The people of the country have forsaken their duty. Some of it is because they have been indoctrinated in the leftist philosophy that government is a benevolent master to be worshiped. Some of it is due to a portion of the population that is too busy to concern itself with affairs greater than their own personal interests. Normally, I'd be OK with that philosophy, but Rome is burning and we need these people to join the bucket brigade. The vanguard is the small percentage of the population, patriots, shouting from the mountaintops that what our government is doing is wrong and will lead to ruin. This portion is marginalized by the government and media as being right wing, bigoted, racist, homophobic, sexist etc. to get them to shut down debate.

This one sided agreement with Iran may very well lead to an actual war. Israel is threatened every day by Iranian backed proxy fighters in the form of Hezbollah. Israel may find the need to take out Iranian nuclear facilities but the Obama administration has said they wouldn't allow Israel to defend its national interests and citizens. Our world is 180 degrees out of phase. Israel must be supported and Iran must still be marginalized on the world stage but we(the US government) have effectively turned that philosophy on its head. Iran, with sanctions lifted, will be able to enrich itself with its great oil wealth and trade at will with bad actors in Southwest Asia, East Asia and all points in between. It seems that, at best, the Obama regime has not taken into any of this into account or at worst, approves of this development. Frankly, I'm leaning toward the latter.

The Obama regime seems to follow the foreign policy of peace through appeasement. Appeasing an enemy that wants to kill you and your allies is nothing more than agreeing with the sentiment. Peace, as Ronald Reagan showed with the Soviet Union, can only be achieved through being stronger and more resolute than your enemy. A shot may never need to be fired if the country that seeks peace is known to be the most powerful and morally upright country in the world. World War One and World War Two showed the correct way to win a shooting war and the Cold War, after Reagan was elected, showed the correct way to win a non shooting war. Obama has shown no interest in learning from history and that will be our downfall. I'm afraid that our country, even if a good president is elected in 2016 and our Congress has a spine transplant performed(attention John Boehner and Mitch McConnell), is too far gone.

Our Dear Leader, Komrade Obama, has promised a veto on any action taken against the Iran agreement by Congress. If the Congressional leadership can't muster a super majority on this issue to override a Presidential veto, they are no good and should be replaced. Every elected official in Congress must work to override this bad deal. We know that are a few Democrat true believers that won't defy their Supreme Leader but all of those that care about our country and international peace must vote to deny the Obama regime their negotiated deal.

The only agreement that would be satisfactory would be strengthened sanctions along with the release of our people held unjustly by the Iranian regime. Nothing less would do. If Iran allowed an outside force to remove their centrifuges and fissile material, sanctions could be reduced. Sanctions should not be lifted altogether as long as Iran supports international terrorism. Why our State department, led by Lurch, was allowed to sit down with these people for any reason other than to explain how the cow ate the proverbial cabbage still baffles my mind.

The world's hope must be Israeli restraint until a new president, who doesn't dislike the Jewish people in Israel, can be elected in our country. Israel needs our backing to keep the whole region from descending into ISIS and Hezbollah backed chaos. Without a severe change in direction on the part of the United States, I fear for the stability of our world. This Iran deal will go down as the worst foreign policy decision since we decided that wars could be won by winning hearts and minds instead of crushing our opponents with superior military strength and letting the chips fall where they may in the aftermath. Our culture has become adverse to the idea of complete victory because of some misguided sense of fairness and social justice.

This will not and cannot end well if the majority of the American people continue to pay no attention to the direction that their government is taking them.

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