Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Time is Now

Politics has worn thin with me. The more I see the administration in Washington, DC work, the less good I see in the GOP. Until a viable new party can dispose the GOP, nothing good will happen politically. The same can be said for the Republican party in Iowa. I just reviewed the list of county chairs for the new Reynolds campaign, and with exception of 4-5 names on the list, the other 1000 names are a veritable who’s who of the crony corporatist, big government, big agriculture cabal that has run Iowa for many years.

I’m pledging right now to not vote for Kim Reynolds in 2018. I will either vote for a small party or unaffiliated candidate or I’ll leave my ballot for governor blank. I’ll work on electing Federalist Party candidates to lower level offices in the state in order to lessen the GOP’s grip on small government rhetoric, backed up by big government results. Sure, some decent things happened in 2017, like the collective bargaining reform, but spending reforms and cuts didn’t actually take place. Taxes in Iowa are still the highest of any Republican controlled state. There are blue states with lower per capita tax burdens. That is unacceptable.

The time is now to punt the GOP and work on taking the right of the individual to keep what they earn and do with their own resources as they see fit.

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