Wednesday, January 4, 2017

No Accidents

I don't believe in accidents. I truly believe that God places people in the lives of people who need an influence or need a life line. I know this to be true, and because I know this to be true, I won't give up on what he has placed before me. In praying to seek His truth in all matters, nothing about what He has laid on my heart has changed. I will work toward what I believe to be His will for my life. I will fight for what I know to be right. I will no longer back down in the face of adversity. 

When a door is closed, I will not just leave. I will knock on the back door. I will throw pebbles at the window. I will continue to seek His will in all things. I will not quit. I cannot quit. If I quit, I am turning my back on Him and I will not do any such thing. Someone said that turning your back on something that is biblical and not sinful, when you know it to be the will of God in your life, is a sin in its self. You are denying a faith in the God who sent His only Son to save you. I will not deny Him.

In order for me to have peace and joy, I need to heed His calling into my life. I have ran from sincere convictions too many times. I won't allow people to downgrade what He has placed in front of me. What he has placed in front of me is much too important. I won't stop until He tells me to stop. He will change my heart if He thinks I need to go in a different direction. Unless He does that, I will follow His lead. I owe it to Him to not quit. This goes for every area of my life. Personal, professional, church related. Every area. I'm done backing down when a road block is put in my way. I don't believe in accidents or chance encounters. 

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